The Ultimate Gift Guide for Family and Friends

Disclosure: This post contains affiliate links, which means I receive a small commission if you make a purchase using the links below.  I bought each of these items personally without making a cent on them so I truly use and recommend them. 
Gifts for Women

My sister always loves to get clothes.  So that is exactly what I got her.  Her present is not even a surprise, but oh well.  We are both obsessed with the site Jane.  So I got her a really cute shirt from there.  Honestly, that is a great site to start at when buying gifts for women.  There isn't just clothes either.  
This is the shirt I got her for only $11!  Get other great deals at Jane!

My sister-in-law got a new house this year so I thought home decor would be great for her.  I love crafting so I wanted to make her something.  I got a unfinished wood box from a friend and then painted it.  I am giving her a bunch of gold, green, and red ornaments to put in it for Christmas and then after Christmas I put in 3 candles and painted pine cones for Winter.  I hope she can continue to create something beautiful with the box throughout all the seasons. 

This is another gift that would be great for any mom on your list that loves books.  My friend compiled all the stories in this book from many AMAZING bloggers.  I am so excited to finally read it after all the months that have gone into putting this book together. 
Gifts for Men

My husband has given his brother Smoked Salmon for years now.  Although it isn't a surprise AT ALL it is a tradition and it cannot be broken I am told.  Hickory Farms is a great option to gift men.  I mean, what man doesn't enjoy food?

Ryan's other brother also gets the same thing every single year.  I mean it is tradition.  Might as well keep it going.  We give him and his son a gift card to the movie theater.  It is a great way to get them to do something together.  Our nephew is in high school and spending time with a high schooler can be quite the feat.  So we love to do this because it creates a bonding experience for them.

Gifts for Parents

Does anyone else have the HARDEST time figuring out what to give their parents?  I swear if they want something they just go buy it.  Like really.  Then you finally find out what they want and so you get it and then they go and buy the same thing.  I wish I could take their money away from them until after Christmas!  

This year we are going in on a present as siblings.  We are getting them an outdoor propane heater.  They recently did a huge and beautiful renovation to their backyard.  They want to enjoy it as long as possible throughout the year so heaters are a must if you want to be out in the evening when the nights are a little cooler.  We got them this one from Wayfair. 

For my in-laws I had no idea what to get so I headed over to their Amazon wishlist and got them stuff off of their lists.  It is quite random, but hopefully you might see ideas that you could use as well.  I guess my father-in-law borrows this from Ryan's brother all the time.  So I thought it would be a gift to his dad and to his brother. 

Similar item here

My mother in law loves to play the piano so I wanted to get her this piano book on her wishlist along with something useful for the kitchen that was also on her wishlist. 

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