Jul 1, 2016

Princess Birthday Party-Games

Once I knew that we were going to be doing a princess party I knew we had to play some fun games.  The problem that I was facing is that there were only going to be 5 girls total AND the ages ranged from 3-8.  So I had to come up with something that would be okay for all of the girls no matter their age.  

I also struggled with how many games to plan.  I didn't want to do too little because I didn't want them to be bored, but I didn't want to overwhelm them.  Honestly, this was the first year I actually planned games for her party.  (Other than "Pin the Nose on Olaf" for her Frozen party last year.)  So I had NO idea what to expect.  

I thought it would be fun to plan a game for each of the Princesses, but decided that might be a little much.  So I went with the girls favorite princesses (I asked their mom's before hand). There were some duplicates so I planned 4 games.  

I was provided free product from Oriental Trading in exchange for a blog post.  No other type of compensation was received.  Also, there are some affiliate links included as well.  All ideas and opinions are my own.

The Little Mermaid
Princess Birthday Party-Games

The girls went "fishing" for treasure.  They each got a princess necklace from Oriental trading.  They were a hit and since I gave them the same thing there were no hard feelings.  The "fishing pole" was so easy to make.  I took a wooden dowel and tied on bakers twine.  Then tied the opposite end of baker's twine to a clothes pin.  That's it.  Very simple.  I have a chaise lounge chair that I tipped on it's side and put a blue blanket over it for the "sea" part and then cut out some fish with my Cricut and taped them to the blanket. 


The next game we didn't end up playing.  The younger girls really wanted to do presents, cake, and hopefully have time for free play.  So we didn't do it, but I did have it planned. I was going to have them sit in a circle and have one girl hold a wooden "glass slipper" and then have another girl on the opposite side of the circle hold a ball.  Then they were going to pass the slipper and the ball clockwise constantly trying to get the ball to catch the slipper.  Sort of like the prince trying to catch Cinderella when she ran from the ball.  


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