Apr 27, 2016

A "Work From Home" Mom Fail

Last week I had a crazy week with work.  I had emergencies come my way in every direction.  To make it worse...it was my daughter's birthday that week too.  My phone was ringing.  People were frantic.  Emails were flooding in.  It was crazy.  There were many times that I actually screamed out loud.

I was supposed to have my daughter's birthday off so I could focus on her.  (Birthdays are a big deal around here.  You only turn 4 once you know!)  However, the emails, phone calls, and full on meltdowns still happened.  Unfortunately, I do not have the type of personality to just let them freak out and I walk away.  

So what did I do.  I helped them.  I did as little as I could, but it still took time to help them.  My daughter was not happy about it, but thankfully my mom decided to join us in our festivities that day so she could be "mom" for those frantic episodes.  Since she was around my guilt did not cripple me as I so often let it.  

However, most days do not go like that.  I am at home alone with my two girls.  I am a huge planner and I plan an activity each day with the girls.  Sometimes they are activities they both can do (one is 4 and the other is 8 months).  Other times I plan two separate activities.  During this time I am all attention on them.  I find that if I do this then my mom guilt is reduced and they actually act better.  

I plan these activities a month at a time.  It works FANTASTIC, except when it DOESN'T.  Those days do happen.  They come and it is hard.  Those days the television is used as a crutch far too often or even the tablet.  I really don't mind technology when used appropriately.  I think it can be a great learning tool.  

However, when I am busy and my phone won't stop ringing and people are falling apart at work then I don't rely on the educational pieces because my daughter usually asks too many questions.  I don't have time for that so I just turn on what she will watch while being half hypnotized.  

For my baby during these frantic moments I stick her in her crib with toys that I know won't hurt her and leave.  There are times that she is hysterical by the time I get back to her.  I have a camera in her room so I know she is not hurt, but it pains me to a degree I can't explain when I can't comfort her because I am dealing with adults at work that are causing more drama than my kids.  (Sorry there was a rant right there for you.) 

Thankfully, those days do not happen often, but when they do it is hard to continue that day with a smile on my face.  It completely drains me and I feel so disconnected with my kids.  It is horrible.  If you are a mom that works from home then I am sure you have had some of these days.  I am sorry!  I know how it feels and it is not a fun feeling to have.  

Just know that you are not alone.  You have me as a cheerleader.  I would love an email from you when you feel like you can't do it any longer.  I will be there as an inspiration to tell you that although you feel like you failed.  The fact of the matter is that is not the case.  You are a wonderful mother.  You are trying the best you can and that is what your kids need.  

The only bit of advice I can give you is to make sure that those days are not too much.  If that is 90% of your days then maybe try and evaluate your situation.  Maybe a new job is the answer.  Maybe there are costs that can be cut and you can live off of one income (if you have a working spouse).  Maybe you can get a nanny or some help for an hour or two a day.  Whatever the answer is make sure that you are not going to die young because of all the stress you are under.  It is not worth it.  

I have some big news.  I hinted about it in the post about my focus for this year.  I am actually going to quit (well sort of).  When I say sort of I mean I will be more of a consultant for the company I work for.  I will work about a tenth of the time I work now.  Of course money will be tighter, but I am okay with that because things are not going well with me.  My health has suffered because of all the stress my job has me under.  I found after months of soul searching that it is not worth it.  I have been doing it for far too long and I am done.  Of course I am a little scared.  Change is hard for me.  So that is to be expected with me.  

Now, I have been talking to the mothers that work from home, but there are many women that struggle with what they think are failures.  If you are a homemaker (or a women that maintains a home) then you know what it is like to have a plan and to not have it go that way.  

That is why I am excited to tell you about the Ultimate Homemaking Bundle!  This is an amazing price ($29.97) for more resources to help you in all aspects of keeping a home than you would ever need!  The price is phenomenal.  It cannot be beat.  I don't buy things too often (I am a budget stickler).  However, this is worth it.  It won't break the bank and you will benefit from it on so many levels.

You will see e-books from categories such as:
  • Budgeting
  • DIY/Homemade
  • Faith
  • Holidays/Traditions
  • In the Kitchen
  • Marriage
  • Motherhood
  • Organizing
  • Recipes
  • Self-Care
Here are some details about this amazing bundle:
  • This collection includes a total of 93 resources: 70 ebooks, 9 ecourses and 14 printable packs. It's valued at $1,102.49, and the bonus offers are an additional $308.94 value.
  • 9 products worth more than $30 (the price of the bundle itself) 
  • 11 products worth between $15-30 (just two of these are worth more than the price of the bundle) 
  • 18 products worth between $10-15 (just three of these are worth more than the price of the bundle)
  Something for everyone and every part of keeping a home.  There are also bonuses on top of that.  I do not recommend anything to my readers unless I feel like it is completely worth it.  This is one of those things!  


Check it out before the sale ends on May 2nd!

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Apr 16, 2016

A Lesson Learned from Flight Attendants

This post is written by health/fitness contributor, Melissa.  She also blogs at On The Go Healthy Mom.

Being COMMITTED is an important word for a mother.

We have many responsibilities to be committed to our family, and the demands of our children who count on us to do MANY things for them.

We also have a commitment to ourselves, and sometimes- we put ourselves last.

As moms we tend to take on A LOT!

Can you relate?

I know I can.

We wear many hats as a mother- cook, taxi driver, cleaner, Band-aid put-er-on-er, snuggler,

And many more.

We go about our days, wanting to please everyone around us, but what we really need to do it to take care of ourselves, so we can take care of others.

Just like when you are on an airplane, when you are fastening your seat belt and the flight attendant is explaining how to put on your oxygen mask in case of an emergency.

You are then told to put on your own FIRST before you put on your children's, so you can breathe to be able to take care of them.

So that you can have the energy to do all those many things that you need to do as a mother.

Here are a couple of tips to help you commit to some time for YOU, so you have the energy to commit to those around you.

>>Make it FUN- not a chore.

It is not a job to take care of YOU, it is part of everyday life. Do something for you each day. Get up early, write in your journal, exercise, get yourself ready for the day. Do something you love before the kids wake up. You will feel so refreshed and energized!

>At the end of a long day, do something relaxing that you love. Take a bubble bath, read a good book, watch your favorite TV show.

>>Do a Babysitting Co-Op with other Moms. Watch their kids so she can go to the gym or do something without kids. And then she watches your kids so you can do something you love without kids! It's a Win-WIN!

Take the time for YOU, and feel good about it- not guilty.

You are worth it, and so are your kids!

Thanks for checking in,


Apr 15, 2016

What Everyone Ought to Know About Gugu Guru

This post contains sponsored links from Gugu Guru.

My sister is pregnant!  She recently registered for an upcoming shower.  Her biggest problem that she is facing is that she wants it to be easy for the guests to be able to buy items from the registry.  So does she go with Buy Buy Baby?  Does she go with Babies R Us?  Or does she go with Land of Nod?  Or does she go with Amazon? There are so many choices.  

Apr 13, 2016

Get Rid of Your Running Questions Once and for All

This post is written by Randall Steinfeldt.  (See contributor tab for more details)

My doctor told me that I should get in shape, that I should improve my fitness level, but how do I do it?  I see other people out running and it looks really fun and I would like to do it.  How far should I run?  How hard should I run?  Are these questions that you’ve asked yourself? Are these questions that you wonder if you’re doing correctly?  I would like to take the opportunity and try to answer some of these questions.

Apr 1, 2016

The Ultimate Guide to Visiting Disneyland on a Budget

Earlier this year we were trying to decide where we were going to take our family vacation this year.  We were really wanting to go to Disneyland, but we ran into two problems.  #1 was that we are trying to be frugal so we can get completely out of debt.  #2 was that traveling with my sweet baby stresses me out.  

Mar 30, 2016

6 Categories of Girlfriend Gifts

It's my friend's birthday and I have NO idea what to get her.  Panic strikes because she always seems to get me the best gifts and I can't even think of one thing to get her.  She has been my friend for 12+ years.  Shouldn't I know what to get her? 

Mar 9, 2016

How to Save Money on Healthy Food- tips you should try!

This post is written by health/fitness contributor, Melissa.  She also blogs at On The Go Healthy Mom.

Have you ever heard the excuse pop into your head "Eating Healthy is Expensive"

Well I have said it before, and I have heard it a lot.

But so is eating out and eating unhealthy- Right?

So here are some tips for you today that will make you realize it's ok to spend a little bit more on healthy food, otherwise you will spend it on the unhealthy.

Mar 4, 2016

Have a Children's Book Collection You Can Be Proud Of-Courage Edition

"Mommy.  I don't want to do that.  It's too scary."  I hear this at least once a day, but I think I hear it more like 10-15 times a day.  My sweet three year old struggles in the courage department.  She is not daring at all.  Which has made it easy to turn my back for a few minutes on her.  She literally won't try anything that could possibly hurt her or ruin something.  

Feb 26, 2016

The Ultimate Guide to St. Patrick's Day

Food, clothes, gifts, decor

My daughter wants to go full out on every holiday.  She wants the whole shebang.  She wants to give and receive gifts.  She wants a new outfit.  She wants to do every craft under the sun.  She wants to make a huge meal on the holiday.  She wants to deck the house out in decor for that holiday.  And of course she wants a party.  Every day deserves a party to her.  

Feb 23, 2016

The Secret of Letting Go of Negative Thoughts

Buddha Board

 I received compensation in exchange for writing this blog post.  Although this post is sponsored, all opinions are 100% my own.

My work life has been crazy.  It has been beyond what I signed up for.  It has brought me to the brink so many times that I have literally been hysterical.  When this happens I get so upset and I sometimes let it affect my attitude.  This year I want to inspire others and to be inspired BY others.  So my question is, "How do I inspire others when I have had a terrible day?  How do I inspire others when I have a TON of negative thoughts?"  

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