Aug 24, 2016

Happy Through Trials: Post-Partum Anxiety is Real

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I woke up to my head being sensitive to the touch.  Throughout the day it continued to get worse until it spread to one side of my face.  It was really sensitive.  I then started to not feel "right".  I wasn't sick, but at the same time I didn't feel good.  I had no idea what was going on. 

The next thing I started to see was a lack of motivation.  I sat around and watched Downton Abbey for hours on end after my daughter was down for a nap or for the night.  I would barely eat and I would just lay there.  This went on for a couple of days and then the intrusive thoughts started.  

"Maybe I have something terribly wrong with me!"  "What if I have cancer and I die and I don't even get to see Hannelore grow up?!"  "Who will be able to take care of her as well as her own mom!"  And the thoughts kept coming!  

This happened when my oldest daughter was about 8-9 months old.  I cried every day and many of the days I cried almost all day.  I felt so out of touch with reality that I was a mess all the time.  My fears consumed me.  I would let them keep me from enjoying things I had always enjoyed.  I had let them rob me of precious time I can't get back with my daughter.   I let these fears rob me of my happiness.  

This lasted for 2 months on a very severe level.  Then I started getting more in touch with myself and the reality of life after that, but the process was SLOW.  I would dare say that it took over a year to feel "normal" again.  

Doctors called it a nervous breakdown.  I never knew that a nervous breakdown was actually a thing, but I guess it is.  Let me tell you what, it is scary and I hated it!  I knew I never wanted to have that happen again and I was determined to stay on top of it and try and help others not have to go through something like that.
stay in the present, talk, rest, nights off, service, ask for help, go outside

Aug 19, 2016

Have a Necklace You Can Be Proud Of

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I received the two necklaces for free in exchange for this post.  However, my opinion of these necklaces would still be the same whether I bought them or not.  Also, their are affiliate links in this post as well.

I have been doing pretty well with my word of the year, but some days it is so hard with two emotional girls.  I have thought so many times during the thick of it all about how I am supposed to be looking for inspiration in my life and also passing on inspiration to others.  It doesn't always come easy.  I need to be constantly reminded.  I almost resorted to a timer on my phone to remind me every day and possibly multiple times a day.  

However, that would get annoying.  It works for some things, but I wanted the reminders of my word to be more natural.  That is when I came up with a fun, beautiful, and more natural solution.  That is words.  Words are so inspiring to me.  That is the reason I started this blog.  I love reading blogs.  I love inspiring quotes and I love inspiring words.  

So I started putting up inspiring quotes printed into beautiful printables around my house.  This helped, but I also wanted something to take with me.  That is where these beautiful and stunning tribe necklaces from Cents of Style come in.  They are a way to take inspiring words with me.  
inspire, inspiration, miracles, love, loved, motherhood, kids, children
I recently got two new necklaces from Cents of Style and I love them.  They inspire me each time I wear them.  I am reminded as I put the necklaces on.  I am reminded as I take them off.  I am reminded throughout the day as I touch the necklace or as others ask me about them.  It is a great way to keep inspiration in the front of my mind.   

So do you want to see what necklaces I picked?  I can't wait to show you! 

Aug 14, 2016

Best Children's Clothes: Florals

 I have on my "to publish" list my 33 piece wardrobe and all the details about it.  It has to do with my wardrobe, but I am also trying to condense my daughters' wardrobes as well.  I have started this because my husband and I have had many discussions about materialism and how this world praises and idolizes things.  I do not want to be like that and so we are trying to go towards a more minimalist lifestyle.

This is something I hope to pass onto my daughters.  I hope to be a good example to show them that although it is fun to have things and I am not trying to say to never buy anything.  I know that it is fun to buy things and to love them, but that isn't want life should always be about.

So I want to let you in on a little secret.  Since we only buy small amounts of things we want each item to have a purpose and to be good quality.  Essentially we want to buy the best children's clothes.  There are certain closet staples and right now one of those is floral.
Organic kids clothing, Cotton baby clothes, Organic baby gifts, organic for kids, children's clothing brands

Currently floral is hot!  I have two floral shirts in my 33 piece wardrobe.  It is no different for my daughters.  I was looking for new florals for the fall so my daughters could refresh their closet a bit and I found them at Burt's Bees Baby.  The floral prints I found are beautiful.  You can find beautiful florals in both the baby and kids - Fall Collections.
Best Children's Clothes: Florals

I love Burt's Bees Baby and believe they are some of the best children's clothes for many reasons, but my three favorite reasons are:
  1. They are comfortable.  The clothing is 100% organic cotton and is VERY soft.  This is important to me, but it is particularly important to my husband.  He is constantly commenting on my girls clothes and how they are uncomfortable.  He always tells me to remember they are people too.  He likes to ask me if I would like to wear certain clothing items of their's.  It has changed my mindset for sure.  My oldest is so much like him and has sensitivity to sounds and touch.  So these clothes work great for her sensitive skin. 
    Best Children's Clothes: Florals
  2. They are affordable.  If you are a loyal reader to Shambray then you know how important it is to me to get the best deal you can get.  So make sure to take advantage of the 10% off you can get on your first order by signing up for their newsletter! 
    Best Children's Clothes: Florals
  3. They are cute and stylish.  I love all the little details that so often get overlooked on kids clothes.  
    Best Children's Clothes: Florals
So whether you are trying to fill your kid's closet with the best children's clothes, looking for a stylish outfit for an upcoming photo shoot, or need a gift for an upcoming birthday or shower then Burt's Bees Baby has you covered. Remember:  Sign-up online for the newsletter and receive 10% off your first purchase!

Best Children's Clothes: Florals

Best Children's Clothes: Florals
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Aug 12, 2016

Here's A Quick Way To Bond As A Family

Grandpa Becks Games

I received free games from Grandpa Beck in exchange for writing a review on the blog.  There are also affiliate links throughout the post.  All opinions are 100% my own.

I grew up in a family that loved playing games on Sunday night.  We loved all games.  Trivia, strategy, card, anything that brought us closer as a family.  Also, when we went up to our family cabin with our cousins we would play games.  We always played the game Nertz.  Many of the amazing memories growing up include games. 

Jul 26, 2016

Who Else Wants to Make Sure Their Baby Eats Healthy?

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Sprout Organic Foods. All opinions are 100% mine.

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My sweet 11 month old baby still only has 4 teeth and 2 of those teeth are barely popping through so they aren't doing much good grinding up food.  At about 9 months she started HATING baby food.  She didn't like me feeding her with a spoon.  She would swat the spoon out of my hand after only a few bites.  

Jul 10, 2016

Worldwide Indexing Event: Are you in?

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 I received compensation in exchange for writing this blog post.  Although this post is sponsored, all opinions are my own.

Family history?  Indexing?  Why are they so important?  Do I seriously have time to add something else to my plate? If I add it to my plate will it really even make that much of a difference?  These are all questions I ask in my head every time I hear about indexing or family history even.  

Jul 6, 2016

Happy Through Trials: Lessons She Learned From Infertility

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Triumphs and Trials

The next post in this series is by Melissa from Triumphs and Trials.  She is amazing and you will see that from this post.  I also met Melissa at a blog conference in February.  So glad that I did because she is an inspiration to me!

Happy Through Trials: Lessons She Learned From Infertility
I am the oldest child in my family. When I was eight years old my mom had my third sibling...a little girl. I love my little sister. I loved rocking her to sleep and feeding and playing with her. I was the girl who loved to babysit. My ultimate goal in life was to be a wife and mother. I got married at 24 and after three short months we decided to start trying for a baby “not preventing.”

We believed that if Heavenly Father wanted us to have a baby it would happen...but nothing happened. It was a little after a year of trying, when we started infertility treatments. We tried everything we'd heard about...Clomid, Famara, Homeopathac doctors, surgery and IUI. For years there were countless nights me and my husband would cry and wonder if we would ever have a child of our own. I remember begging Heavenly Father to send me just one! If He would send us just one child, I promised that I would be HAPPY.

Happy Through Trials: Lessons She Learned From Infertility
We had been trying for over four years when we got our first positive pregnancy test! We were so excited, that we took at least five tests before going to the doctor the next day. We worried probably the whole nine months and then we had our MIRACLE! I felt so complete and so blessed. I loved having a sweet baby in our home.

It was a little after Kaylee's first Birthday when people started asking when we were going to have another baby. We hadn't been “preventing,” but I think it was somewhere around her second birthday that we officially started to “try again."

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Jul 2, 2016

How to set up the perfect Olympic Party

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“This post is based strictly on my opinion. I will be compensated with free product for this post.  No other type of compensation was received.  All ideas and opinions are my own.”

The Olympics are this year!  I LOVE watching the Olympics and if you have been following me for a bit then you know I love parties.  I love going to them and I love throwing a great party.  Since the Olympics happen every 2 years (when taking into account Winter AND Summer Olympics), I think its the perfect excuse to have a party.  

Jul 1, 2016

Princess Birthday Party-Games

Once I knew that we were going to be doing a princess party I knew we had to play some fun games.  The problem that I was facing is that there were only going to be 5 girls total AND the ages ranged from 3-8.  So I had to come up with something that would be okay for all of the girls no matter their age.  

Jun 29, 2016

Happy Through Trials: A Woman Shares 3 Little Known Ways to Stay Positive During Trials

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This next post is so amazing.  I was lucky enough to meet Jamie at a blog conference in February this year.  We happened to sit down together at breakfast and I'm so glad I did.  I was immediately drawn to her blog and I knew I wanted her to be a part of this series.  Thankfully she said yes.  She is amazing and gives some amazing advice! 

As a child, I looked forward to being "off-track" so I could spend the majority of my 3-week break stay with my beloved grandma and grandpa.  One particular stay when I was 9-10 years old, I woke up from a little afternoon siesta and walked into the kitchen. My grandma was sitting in her normal spot at the kitchen table, reading her bible, and crying softly. When I asked her why she was crying, she told me her heart was heavy today.  It was the day my sister passed away several years ago. Lindsay passed away before I was born when she was 14 months old.

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