Jul 26, 2016

Who Else Wants to Make Sure Their Baby Eats Healthy?

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Sprout Organic Foods. All opinions are 100% mine.

Sprouts Organic Foods, Baby Food, Sprout Pouches, whole foods
My sweet 11 month old baby still only has 4 teeth and 2 of those teeth are barely popping through so they aren't doing much good grinding up food.  At about 9 months she started HATING baby food.  She didn't like me feeding her with a spoon.  She would swat the spoon out of my hand after only a few bites.  

I started letting her have finger foods at that time, but I quickly started to worry about how healthy she was eating.  I also did not want her to become a picky eater and research has shown that developing a love of healthy foods early on helps foster healthy eating habits for life (which is what all moms want, right?).  So I made it a priority to make sure she had a diverse range of foods. 

I would do the following things to make sure I had a good balanced diet for her:
  • Provide a vegetable with lunch and dinner.  Green beans are my daughter's favorite, but I would also provide carrots, broccoli, and cauliflower for the most part.  
  • Provide a fruit at each meal.  I have some mesh feeding bags that help her eat fresh fruit that she can't chew otherwise.  It is a mess, but she loves it.  We have a fresh apricot tree in our yard so she has been eating those.  Also, strawberries and peaches are usually our go to fruits. 
  • Provide grain at each meal.  She loves her grains so that is never hard to get in.  That usually consists of bread broken up into little pieces, graham crackers, or oatmeal. 
  • To give her some protein I usually give her some peanut butter, yogurt, or eggs.  I offer these at every meal as well.  
  • For drinks she still is breastfed and then at meal time she has a sippy cup of water. 
When she eats all of this then I feel good.  I feel like she is getting good nutrients into her body and she is more full to help her sleep through the night.  However, when I am out and about, which happens a lot when you have an older sibling, then it is hard to do finger food.  Although, she is eating from the spoon better than when she was at 9 months it still isn't her favorite.  

So I had to find something that would give her good nutrition and that wouldn't be a disaster to eat.  That is when I found that pouches were a great solution.  They are easy to pack, because they aren't bulky.  You can twist the top off and they are ready to go.  For some reason Isla doesn't mind me helping her with them; maybe it is because she gets to suck the food up herself.  I don't let her hold it  herself yet because she hasn't figured out how to not squeeze it out all over the place, but she still doesn't mind me helping her. 

Sprouts Organic Foods, Baby Food, Sprout Pouches, whole foods
Then to try and keep up with being healthy I didn't want to get any pouch.  So I researched different pouches.  Have you heard of Sprout Organic Baby Food?  Here are the reasons that I like using Sprout pouches:
  1. Unlike leading competitors that primarily focus on two flavors (apple or pear); Sprout offers delicious blends of whole fruits, vegetables, and grains giving babies greater exposure to wholesome foods and the foods they use are  only certified-organic, non-GMO whole fruits, vegetables, and grains.
  2. They don't use concentrates 
  3. There are no preservatives.  Only ingredients that would be found in your own kitchen are used! 
  4. They also have an Honesty Pledge (you can find out more about it on their Mission & Values page) that communicates the company's commitment to transparency and honest labeling.  Sprout's new tagline is "Keep it Honest, Make it Real"! (This is super important to me because I want to know that I can trust the food that I give my girls!)  This way I know that the flavor names will match the primary order of ingredients inside it. 
  5. They have 4 new yummy flavors. 
    1. Mango
      Who Else Wants to Make Sure Their Baby Eats Healthy?
    2. Spinach Banana Apple
      Sprouts Organic Foods, Baby Food, Sprout Pouches, whole foods
    3. Blueberry Banana Oatmeal
      Sprouts Organic Foods, Baby Food, Sprout Pouches, whole foods
    4. Pear Spinach Prune
      Sprouts Organic Foods, Baby Food, Sprout Pouches, whole foods
So if you are like me and struggle with finding something convenient on-the-go or if you need something convenient at home that doesn't lack the nutrition then give Sprouts a try!  Also, if you are like me then when you try something new you want to make sure you get the best bang for your buck and you don't want to overspend.  Right?!  I hear you!  Thankfully on their website there is are Sprout Coupons so you can buy one and get one free!  

Give it a shot and then come back and let me know what you think! Click the Where to Buy link to see where you can pick some up.

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Sydney Andersen said...

You are doing great mama! We love those Sprouts packets too.

Soozee Carmichael said...

This is fantastic! Love the post and Sprouts!

Shambray Matthews said...

Thanks for the encouragement. As moms that means a ton! They are the best. My daughter LOVES them too.

Laura Sandford said...

I just started buying pouches because my little one is out of the baby food phase but still sometimes needs an easy dose of something healthy! This looks perfect!

Darren Alvarez said...

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