Jul 31, 2014

10 of my current favs

This post contains affiliate links, which means that if you click on some of the product links, I’ll receive a small commission.

These things are currently making my life easier or make me happy.

1.  Favorite kid item:  Minky Blanket for Hannelore The mini minky is my favorite size because I do not have to carry around a huge blanket.  Hannah has a hole in one corner of hers because she rubs it so much.  These are seriously such great quality and perfect for little ones.  Hannah actually has two mini ones and one of the infant ones.  Can we say spoiled?  Our Ob/Gyn sent us the infant one when she was born and she has been hooked ever since.  I do not own one yet for myself, but hopefully soon.

2.  Favorite cleaning supply: Oxiclean Stain Remover  I liked this before I had kids, but now with kids it seriously is the best thing ever!  I have removed some of the toughest stains EVER with this stuff.

3.  My Daytrip skinny jeans.  These fit me so perfectly and are so comfy.  I love them.

4.  Favorite coupon website: Grocery Smarts is the best I have used.  I have been using it for years and it is so easy and wonderful to find everything on the website.  I will be doing a blog post on this next month so make sure to come back!

5.  Favorite book: The Happiness Project by Gretchen Rubin If you follow me on Instagram or Facebook you know how much I love this book.  I read it in November of last year and it was one of those books that changed my life.  It made me think about things more simply and I feel like this year I have been happier because I, myself, am doing a Happiness Project.  If you have not read this then it is a must.  I will be doing a post on it sometime, but for now if this little bit peaked your interest you should pick up a copy ASAP!

6.  Alphabet wall in Hannelore's room:  It makes me happy when I see it and it makes me happy when Hannelore "sings" the ABC song 800 times a day while pointing at the letters.

7.  Beauty blender:  How did I ever apply BB Creme without this beauty.  I love it!  It helps your cream go on smoothly and look more natural.  I LOVE IT!

8.  Kitchen "Gadget":  Reynolds Slow Cooker Liners: I could go on and on about these things!  They make my life so much easier!  Cleanup is a breeze.  If you haven't tried them then give them a shot!  It will be worth it, I promise!

9.  Favorite Blog: Living Well Spending Less I found this amazing blog 3 months ago.  I know.  I know.  Some of you probably have known about it for years.  I am a little slow.  However, I feel like I can relate to Ruth in so many ways.  I love her posts and I love her style.  If you do not know about it then go check her out!

10. Favorite place to print pictures: Groovebook $2.99 a month for 100 pictures!  Need I say more!  They come in a book with perforated pages.  You can leave them in the book or you can tear them out very easily.  This has been a very cost effective way for me to print my pictures.

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