Jul 30, 2014

Jamberry Nails Review

Have you every heard of Jamberry Nails?  I bought some nail wraps from a party YEARS ago and for some reason or another I never used them.  Why did I buy something and then not use it right away?  Good question!  I am trying to figure that one out myself.

During the time that I bought them and about a few months ago I did not hear much about them.  Now fast forward to a few months ago and I have heard people talk about them a lot lately.  I then remembered that I had some that I never tried.  I have been invited to three Jamberry parties in the last 2 months and decided I need to bust them out and give them a shot.  If I liked them then I would buy more.

While I was prepping everything I was thinking, "Ok.  So if these work terribly you need to give them another shot since these are close to THREE years old!"  However, they have been wonderful!  Even though they are old!  They were pretty easy to apply even with it being my first time.  I also think that as I continue to practice I will get better.  They have stayed on beautifully.  I did my toes first and then 2 weeks later did my fingers.

The directions they give with the wraps are fabulous and there are videos you can watch as well.  One thing that I did that I think really helped me was I put scotch tape on my finger nails and then traced my finger nail with a fine tipped pen.  Then I stuck the scotch tape on the wrap and cut it out.  That way it was very accurate in the size and shape of my nail.  It was fantastic!

Scotch tape on my mom's nails (outlining the shape of her nail)

Tape before applying it to the vinyl

Matching it to the closest shaped piece 

Cut them out with the scotch tape as a guide

Another thing you want to do is trim them before you heat them while on your nails.  That way you can get them to sit more flat.  That alone is the most important thing to do.  If they are not flat against your nails they will snag and tear on anything that comes into contact with them.  I had this happen on one of my finger nails.  It stayed on the whole two weeks, but it had a little notch come off of the vinyl.

 This is applied after heating them up the first time.  This is when you should trim them and THEN heat them up again and press down on the nail.  

After trimming and pressing down with heat applied

Pictures of results:
Right after application: 

See how on the thumb there is a ripple.  You DO NOT want that to happen.

Some of the edges could use a little help, but for the most part I am happy with them. 

One week after application-you can see the growth for sure

 This is the notch that I mentioned above.  

After two weeks (right before I took them off):

After four weeks (the growth is the worst part...driving me crazy):

Overall I was very please with these.  I am planning on getting more very soon.  I liked how long they lasted and how durable they were.  I also think I will get better and faster at applying them.  Have you ever tried Jamberry Nails

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