Jul 16, 2014

A post from someone with not so perfect hair. Curling edition

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To start off I have to tell you that my hair is NOT my best feature.  I was not blessed with easy or the most beautiful hair.  I am not trying to be negative...I am just being honest.  It is a cross between frizzy and wavy. Unfortunately, when I try to curl it, a lot of the times it does not hold the curl at all.  It can be very frustrating to say the least.  So when I heard about Nume Curling Wands I decided to give one a try.
Previously I had been curling my hair with a straightener.  That honestly was the only way I could get the curl to stay.  Seems a little backwards to be curling my hair with a STRAIGHTENER, but whatever works, right?   This worked fine, but I did not like the style of curls I would get from it.  I felt like it was too young looking.  Almost like I was in elementary school or junior high, at best.  That is why I made the splurge and bought a Nume curling wand set when a deal became available.

My set comes with 4 sizes of wands depending on the type of curl you want.  I do not want little ringlets so I have never used the smallest size.  However, I have used the two middle sizes.  Obviously the larger the barrel the more loose the curls.  You will want to experiment and see how your hair takes the "curl" because you might want tighter curls if they are going to loosen throughout the day (like mine ALWAYS do).  Also, depending on your hair and how it "takes" curl you will have to decide how long to hold it around the barrel.  It should be somewhere between 5-20 seconds.  You will wrap your hair around the wand from root to end away from your face, hold it, and then let it go.

I still can not get the same picture perfect curls and hair that many women have, but I like this tool to help me get all different kinds of curls.  Like everything else the more I practice the better I get.  Below are some pictures to show you the differences of all the different kinds of curls.

With the straightener-Taken years ago

With the 19mm wand and holding for 10 seconds (day 1): This actually reminds me of the curl I get from the straightener.

2nd day hair-Barely touched it up with flyaway serum

Second Day hair: With 25mm wand.  Held for 20 seconds

Back of second day hair from above pic (I barely touched it up with flyaway serum)

 What tricks do you use when you curl your hair?


Contact: Ashley Mills said...

Cute hair!

Shambray said...

You are too nice Ashley!

Danielle Stubbs said...

Since I read this post I have been wanting to get a NuMe curling wand. I finally ordered one of the sets!! I can't wait to get it and try it.

Shambray said...

Yay! You will have to tell me what you think!

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