Jul 2, 2014

Road Trippin with a Toddler

Check out these road trip tips and ideas when traveling with toddlers.

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Summer is the season to take road trips!  I love road trips, but they are a little stressful with a toddler.  I did not want to have a stressful ride with her crying the whole time so I thought up a system that I felt would work for us.  It worked beautifully!  The way down there was so perfect that I thought I was in heaven.  The ride back she was a little wired after all the fun we had and being with her cousin, but it still was better than I had thought up in my head.  So I was a proud momma!

The system that I came up with incorporated snacks and activities.  I put together a bag for each hour.  In each bag I put activities that would at least last an hour and then a snack to go with it.  That way I was not constantly trying to find her a snack.  Then I had a cup of water for her whenever she needed a drink.

Below you will see pictures of the bags I put together (not in any particular order):

A sheet of stickers (I tore out of a sticker book I bought at Dollar Tree, a small chalkboard with chalk and eraser (bought at Dollar Tree), Hugs book, finger puppets (similar), and for the snack I had graham crackers.  **We never got to this one because of the naps she took**

Bubble Guppies foam puzzle, paper with colored pencils, letter magnets with matching letter cards (similar), a mermaid book (already had), The Emperor's New Groove, and Club crackers for the snack. 

Coloring book with crayons, a sticker sheet (from the same book as above), Opposites book (already had), letter magnets with matching letter cards, Mickey Yatzee game (already had), some sort of connect puzzle (do you like that technical term...I already had this), Toy Story 2, and a fruit snack for the snack.  **This was her favorite one.**

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Ryan said...

What an awesome post! Good job honey!

Shambray said...

Thanks for all your support honey! You are the best husband a girl could ask for!

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