Jul 1, 2014

To blog or not to blog? That is the question.

I decided to jump into the world of blogging.  This has been something that has been on my mind for a few years now, but did not become something I actively thought about until the beginning of this year.  I would randomly tell people about my idea of starting a blog and everyone told me to do it; after much thought I decided to do it.  Why did I think so long about it and not just start typing?  I am a little crazy and I do not like to do things half way.  I did not want to start something and not continue with it.  If you do not know me then let me tell you a little bit about myself and this will help explain why I thought about not starting to blog.

My name is Shambray (I will come back to this).  I am married to my best friend and the love of my life.  We have been married for close to 6 years.  We have a two year old daughter who keeps us entertained and more than busy.  I work as a financial controller over health clubs and other various businesses my boss runs.   I have been doing this for 6+ years.  A lot of my heart and energy goes into these companies as I have been around since they first began and I want to see them succeed.  Then if that was not enough I am also quite involved in my church.  Adding all these things together means I am one very busy woman.  Hence the reason why I thought long and hard about starting a blog.

Now onto the reasons why I started the blog.  I LOVE reading blogs.  I love everything about it.  I like the friendships that can be created through the web, even if it is not in the traditional way.  I like the inspiration I receive by reading blogs.  Add in the fact that you can make your blog whatever you want it to be and I knew I wanted to do it.  I love crafting so therefore I love creating.  The idea of creating a blog sounded exciting to me.  I also love doing many things and I feel like I needed something to push me to take time for myself (Crazy I know, but I do not do this automatically).  So in enters the blog.  I hope this helps me to take time for myself by creating a blog and creating great content for my readers.

Now I told you I would come back to my name.  Call me vain, but I LOVE my name.  I love the sound of it, I love the look of it (laugh if you want), I love when people say, "That is a beautiful name", and I love the uniqueness of it (although I have met 2 people with my name in the last 3 years).  After thinking about different names for my blog I kept coming back to "Shambray" and there it stayed.  

I hope you join me on my new journey of blogging!  It should be a fun one! Follow my blog with Bloglovin


Josh and Kay said...

I'm so glad you're doing this blog! You are one of the most talented women I know! I'm excited to follow and get a lot of inspiration :)

Shambray said...

That honestly means a lot to me! Thanks so much! We need to get together soon!

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