Aug 12, 2014

Low Cost Laundry Room Makeover

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Our laundry room was kind of dark and dreary.  This was the first thing we remodeled when we moved into our home.  We started by taking out the old and slanted cabinets.  Then we took off the old and gross paneling.

I know I have other before pictures, but things were and still are a bit crazy.  I can not find any more, but I will continue looking.  The first picture is from the listing.  This one is right after we tore out the old cabinets that were above the washer and dryer.  
Old window with hole for dryer hose to go through
Next, my husband put the dryer vent through the wall instead of through the window.  So now our window is only a window and our dryer vent is hidden behind the washer and dryer where it should my opinion.  *wink  Since we moved the dryer vent we had to replace the glass on the window because there was a huge hole where the vent went before.  At the same time we started sheet-rocking.

Sheetrock.  Dun dun dun.  Up until this point in my life I had never done Sheetrock.  My husband had told me he did not like doing it....well I can completely see where he is coming from!  Blah...worst thing ever!  So dirty and time consuming and so easy to have it look terrible.  After a couple date night doing mudding and taping we got through that part and could paint.  Thank heavens.

It was so dusty the picture is blurry.  I am taking you into the room.  *wink

So dusty

The mess of Sheetrock
The laundry room is quite small.  For that very reason I wanted most of the walls to be white so that it would be very light in that room.  There is only the one small window.  So it was a must to have it be light.  We painted all the walls white.

Next was wallpapering.  I debated doing wallpaper because in our last house EVERY SINGLE ROOM had wallpaper in it and it was horrendous to get off.  I toggled between wallpaper and stenciling.  When I saw this wallpaper at Lowe's I HAD to have it.  I loved it.  I thought about only doing the wall behind the washer and dryer, but in the end, thanks to my amazing husband, I decided to put wallpaper behind the washer and dryer and on the opposite wall.  I did not want all the walls wallpapered, but I wanted enough to spice up the room a bit.   Ryan's amazing aunt (the same aunt that helped me with the banner for Ryan's 30th, see post here) helped me wallpaper.  Honestly, until now I had never wallpapered.  I had watched my mom when I was little, but was forbidden to touch it.  I was actually quite intimidated by the task.  So having his aunt who is talented and detail oriented really helped me.  She taught me along the way and it ended up being a lot of fun.  We did not get to finish it all in one day, but Ryan and I had a date night and we finished it later that week.  Side note: Have I mentioned to you that EVERYTHING my husband does he does it perfectly?  I LOVED how it turned out.  Everyone who sees my laundry room comments on it and how much they like it.

The next step was to hang the cabinet and shelves.  This was another struggle.  I did not know if I wanted 2 cabinets and one set of shelves in the middle or the opposite.  I love open shelving so I decided to do shelves on each side of the cabinet.  We purchased the cabinet at one of my most favorite places on earth...Ikea.  We hung that up first and then Ryan hung the shelves for me.

The last thing to do was to stock up the cabinet and shelves.  I wanted the shelves to have a lot of pretty things since I get to look at them everyday.  I also decorated both side walls next to the washer and dryer.  I am so happy with how it turned out.

I searched for the frames that I wanted to buy for quite awhile.  I looked all over the place.  I wanted something simple and usually I do not care (actually prefer) if the frames do not match, but for this space I wanted them to match and not have any detail on them.  I wanted the pictures to be the main focus not the frames.  I found what I was looking for at Michaels Arts and Crafts.  They came in a pack of 5 and were super inexpensive.  Perfect for what I was going for in this remodel...inexpensive, but not cheap looking.

The lost socks decor was so fun.  I bought the board from Hobby Lobby.  I spray painted it white to start off.  Then I took 6 clothespins and wrapped them in washi tape.  I choose two different styles of washi tape, but you could do all different or all the same.  Whatever look you like.  The letters are actually from my Cuddlebug.  I used Modge Podge to adhere them.  One day I hope to own a Cricut because that way I could have stuck the vinyl right on.  A little less messy, you know?  Next I hot glued the clothes pins on the board.  Last, I adhered a 3M Velcro Command Strips.  Command Strips are another product that I could do a whole blog post about.  Honestly I LOVE those things.  You would be amazed at how many things I have hanging up in my house using these babies.  I love them.  Overall, the "Lost Socks" board was a very quick project and I use it all the time!  I have received so many compliments on it and it was one of the quickest projects I have ever completed.  

The baskets on the top shelf I purchased from Home Goods.  I use one for storing my rags and the other for my hand wash/delicate items.  I put delicates in there instead of in the big laundry basket so they do not accidentally get thrown in the regular load and get ruined.  The laundry soap container was from Home Goods as well.  The two artificial plants and flower pots are from Ikea.  The two small glass containers are spice jars from Ikea as well.  I have buttons in one and safety pins in the other.  Last, but for sure not least (since I am a bit obsessed with it) is the Tolsby frame.  (see what I did with it here)

I love my laundry room now.  It makes me happy!  

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Selene @ Restoration Beauty said...

I love budget friendly room makeovers, especially laundry room ones!! You did a fantastic job of making that space fabulous! Most people ignore the laundry room but I feel that a pretty laundry room just makes doing laundry a little less of a chore :) I remember one Saturday, I got tired of staring at white and empty walls and re did my laundry room for only 5 bucks since I used what I already had! It's still one of my most favorite spaces!

Thanks for sharing yours!!! By the way, I love those printables!!

Shambray said...

Thank you! I completely agree with updating your laundry room! It is a simple space to do, but makes a difference in your spirit when you have to be in there to do laundry!

Kristen said...

I LOVE the command strip things!!! I've hung almost every picture in my house with them. Your laundry room is so cute!! It makes me want to tackle mine.

Shambray said...

Aren't they the best!? You just finished some major work. I would give yourself a break! Once you do tackle it then I want to see pictures!

Emily said...

I love how it turned out. The wall paper is a great addition. I like that it has a fun pattern but the colors are still somewhat subtle because it is a smaller space. Now maybe doing laundry will be a little easier.

Emily- Our house now a home

Shambray said...

Thank you! I thought the same thing with the wallpaper.

Shanice Bannis said...

Always look forward to your posts! Thank you for sharing this post at City of Creative Dream's City of Links last Friday! I loved this post so much that I chose it to be featured for this weeks party. :) Go grab a button you deserve it!

Shambray said...

Thank you for the feature! That means a lot!

Unknown said...

So pretty! I love the Lost Socks board. I saw one on Pinterest one time that said, "Seeking Sole Mates" which made me laugh. So witty!

Shambray said...

Thank you! I love this room. I saw the "Seeking Sole Mates" one on Pinterest after I made this one. So clever!

Michelle said...

This is so inspiring! I need to add some fun to my laundry room. Thanks for the ideas.

Shambray said...

I am so glad you like it. I hope it helps you out even just a bit in your laundry room!

Adam said...

I love the colors and it turned out great. I wasn't sure about that bottom piece either - LOL - but I kept mine on ;). What a fun idea to give your buyers a cute homemade card and a giftcard. I love it! Hugs- microcement

how to clean suede shoes said...

The one time I don't have my phone glued to my ear-figures:) seriously though, it belongs with you and your globes do it much justice.

nachesfurniture said...

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