Aug 20, 2014

Weekly Date Nights

Do you want to know a secret?  Well it is really quite simple.  Going on a weekly date with your significant other will keep your marriage strong.
That might not be a secret, but if you do not believe me then let me convince you.  Some people might not think it is not THAT important.  I can promise you it is.  Just like a talent can fade if no time is put toward it, a marriage can fade if there is not time put into it.  You need one on one time to talk as adults.  You need time to talk about each other.  To continue to learn and grow as a couple.  You need to still get to know each other as each of you change your passions and your interests.  You need time to talk about goals and dreams you have for yourself, as a couple, and as a family.  Now some people might be thinking or saying that you can do that with the kids around.  Yes you can, but it is not the same as the undivided attention you can give to your spouse if you go on dates together.

Can you believe that my husband was my first date EVER?  This picture seems like lifetimes ago.
You need to plan fun things like you did when you were dating.  You need to date or court your spouse.  You need to have times where you cause your wife or husband to get butterflies.  You need to get out of your mom clothes and get into your beautiful woman clothes.  This will help you AND your spouse.  I PROMISE.

We really need to take pictures of our dates now.  There are so many of us when we were dating.

Now I know some of you are thinking it is impossible with the current situation you are in.  It might seem to be, but there is always a solution.  You will have to put some thought into it though.  It might have to be to plan something after the kiddies go to bed.  In our case we are knee deep in a complete house renovation.  Therefore, money is tight and so is time.  So our date nights have consisted of eating dinner and talking...just us and then we work together on the house.  I have actually learned a lot about our relationship AND Ryan by doing this.  I love watching Ryan in his element while he is doing what he does best (taking something that is either terrible or just ok and making it wonderfully beautiful).  I love how we can do something together and know that WE did that.  I love how we can talk while working and building something together.  Although I crave a regular date night.  You know even dinner and movie would be fun, but right now that is not possible.  So we are making the best of it and having fun together while we do it.  I am so grateful for our alone time together.

I LOVE carving pumpkins!

If you are looking for at home affordable date ideas then check out these ideas that The Dating Divas have.  These are good ideas to use when you need to do a date AFTER the kids go to bed.  Check out The Dating Divas for all sorts of date night ideas.  The Dating Divas are absolutely awesome.

Check out my date night jar idea to make date night a breeze.  You can also purchase it here if you do not want to make your own.

He makes me smile!

Photo cred:: Krystal (our wedding photographer)

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Marissa said...

Hi Shambray! I love this post! My husband and I have been struggling lately with setting up date nights with our crazy work and school schedules. We've just recently started to get creative with hot yoga dates early in the morning before our days get rolling! I love the progression of your dating photos too!

Shambray said...

How fun! I have never tried hot yoga. I heard it is amazing! You are so great to carve out time for each other. It is so important. Working out together is one of the best ways in my book!

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