Feb 9, 2015

5 Date Night Hairstyles

This post is written by beauty/hair contributor, Laura!  
PS  Laura graduated since she last posted!  Way to go Laura!

Awe, yes. A time to celebrate love! I personally LOVE Valentine's Day! I even loved it when I was single. ;)  Love in all it's forms is beautiful and powerful. It changes people. Whether it's between spouses, siblings, parent and child, or any other relationships. I think love is amazing and it deserves to be celebrated!

Anywho, I will get off my box now! Haha. A night out with a loved one is bound to happen this month, so let's talk a bit about some easy but always flattering looks for that date night coming up!  I've narrowed it down to 5 simple looks that are classics. There should be something for everyone!

If you are anything like me, doing your own hair always seems to be 100 times harder than doing anyone else's! I like easy :). So let's begin!

1. This one is for my pixie girls out there! If you have short hair that is rather limited to styles, put a cute clip, bow, or headband in! When I had a pixie, my go-to look was to throw a headband in or a bobby pin with a taupe and white polka dot heart on the end. As I'm sure you know, there are plenty of options out there so find one that fits your own style. If that look is something you do often, switch it up and try something a little different. A lot of people think that makes you look young or childish, but as long as you keep it simple and don't use a bow bigger than your head, you will look adorable! :)

2. The next one is a classic beach wave. Waves are always in. Right now a more tousled beachy look is what everyone is going for. Think Victoria's Secret beach babe. For longer hair this is quick. Take an iron with a larger barrel and take bigger sections. (If you have a smaller iron, shake out the curl slightly before it cools and it will loosen up.) If you have shorter hair that doesn't work with an iron yet, use a flat iron. The more rotations you make, the tighter the curl will be. So with that said, if you want looser and more of a textured look only turn the iron 1/2 to 1 1/2 times. If you alternate directions you will get a more natural look as well!

3. Next on my list is sleek and straight. This is a staple in my look-book because my hair is naturally straight and thus very easy! If you have curly hair sometimes it is fun to really switch things up and wear it straight. You can blow your hair straight, which is less damaging, but can be time consuming. So dry it as straight as you can and then use your flat iron (set to the appropriate heat for your hair type) and smooth it out. Leave it straight on the ends for a drastic or more editorial look and give it just a slight bend on the ends of you want it a little softer.

4. Next is do something half up. Doing your hair half up went sort of out of style for a while, but it is back! There are so many options other than just a ponytail! I like to French braid the top half and put an elastic on it or just a braid instead of a ponytail. You can pin back the sides to give an illusion of half up. I also love to braid my bangs so they are off my face (mine seem to end up greasy real quick!), then you can continue the braid through the ends, do both sides and pin the two braids back. So many options and all look great!

5. Last is the blowout. This one you either need a round brush with short metal bristles or some kind of curler. The longer your hair, the bigger the diameter of the tool. You will want your hair to be almost dry, then either roll the curlers in or use the round brushing roll up your hair. Then hit your hair with some heat. You want to heat it all the way through. Once it is hot, leave in the round brush or curler until the hair is completely cool. Pull out the curler or brush and brush through to relax the curls. You will end up with a gorgeous blowout!

I hope these date night hair ideas give you something fun and new to try! Good luck! :)


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