Feb 6, 2015

Love and Energy Quote - February 2015

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I love this quote so much!  When I found it I was so happy because it goes so well with my goals this month AND my word of the year, ENERGY.  I can't wait to look at this quote all month.  I love how true it is.  I plan on doing a lot more things out of love because that way I can have more energy.  

Everyday I plan on showing Ryan a little more love than usual.  I should do this everyday and that is my goal in the end, but for sure I want to focus on it this month.  I have already written a post about ways I can show love to my husband.  They are all super simple and honestly when I do these things for him I DO feel energized.  So I will start checking those off.  

Here are some more I plan on adding to the list: 
  1. Watch the sunset together (WE NEVER DO THIS). 
  2. Take turns photographing each other.  I love getting close ups of my husbands eyes.  But really his lips and ears are just as cute.  
  3. Play a board game he loves. 
  4. Go on a couples date with friends. 
  5. Work out together. 
  6. Dance to "our song". 
  7. Ask him what I can help him with.  And DO IT! 
  8. Give him a hug when he walks in the door.  (this one usually happens, but I need to do it on days that I might not feel like doing it.  Those days usually turn out to be the best days) 
  9. Tell him thank you for all he does for me and our daughter. 
  10. SNUGGLE! 

Don't forget to check out my goals this month and enter for the giveaway! 

What are some things you have done in the past that have energized you because you did it out of love?  

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