Feb 24, 2015

Date Night Attire

This post is written by fashion contributor, Cami.

Butterflies in your stomach, trying to look flawless, but not trying too hard, taking a minute to Facebook-stalk and Google the guy…oh dating in 2015. 

I think the cardinal rule of date-night outfits is comfort.  Now let me clarify, because my understanding of “comfort” and yours may be different – I say “comfort” in the sense that you need to feel confident, you need to feel like you look good, and you should not spend the night tugging and readjusting your clothes.  Dating – especially if you are single – is already stressful enough without throwing in an outfit that requires constant worry or thought – you should be able to feel like you’re looking good and can conquer the world.  For those of you who are married, you should look at “date night” as a time to dress up and have time for just the two of you – it should be set aside and special, it should be a break from the routine.

I think the best “date-night” look is a dress or skirt.  I think there is something fun in embracing your femininity – and wearing a dress does not have to be “dressy”. 

If a dress or skirt is not your cup of tea, or you are doing something active that is not conducive to a dress, trousers or jeans are acceptable.  However, please try to dress it up a little.  You can stick to the “comfort” element, but take it up a notch, and make it special.  You can take a regular tee and jeans and add few accessories to pack that extra punch.  I like the idea of adding a printed kimono-style jacket, funky oversized-clutch and some pointed-toe flats. 

Go out, have fun and look fabulous doing it.

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