Feb 25, 2015

Stay Sane Cleaning Series Step 6: Daily Missions

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We are almost done with the daily tasks.  Only one more after this one!  Honestly, this one is my favorite daily task.  The reason why is because I see the most change with this one step.  It helps me feel like I get more done every day.  

When I say this one is done daily it is actually done Monday-Friday.  You get Saturday and Sunday off from this step.  The first thing that you need to do is follow Fly Lady.  You probably already started following once I started telling you how amazing that site is and how it has helped me have a clean house much easier than before.  

Daily missions is the next step in the series.  The reason why you want to follow her is because you will automatically have the daily missions sent to your email on Sunday.  That way you can plan your week out ahead of time and see what you will be doing that week.  

She has the weeks broken down into different zones.  Each week of the month you will work on a different area of your house.  I love this because that way you are cleaning every part of your house at least once during the month.  Not just cleaning it, but thoroughly cleaning it.  

This is how the zones are broken down with Fly Lady. 

Week 1: Front porch, entry area, and dining room
Week 2: Kitchen
Week 3: Main bathroom and another room
Week 4: Master bedroom 

This week we are on master bedroom.  Just to give you an idea of what the missions are, today's mission is to clean off the floors of our closet.  The missions come with a lot of ideas and tips as well.  Tomorrow's mission is tackling the nightstands.  

Do you want to know what I do a little differently?  I set my timer for 15 minutes.  I always do the mission on the day it is assigned.  If there is more to do when the timer goes off I leave it.  I tidy up so there isn't a bigger mess and I walk away.  However, if I have more time then I do something else until my timer goes off.  

I usually try and stay in the zone that I am working on for the full 15 minutes.  However, for example if I know that my daughter's closet needs some TLC on the same day the master room closet is being worked on then I will go and clean her's after I am finished with the master and if the timer has not gone off yet.  

That way I am cleaning the house for 15 minutes either way.  The only time I skip this is if I am not feeling well or I have a super busy day.  Either way I do the mission, but if it takes less than 15 minutes and my day is crazy then I might stop as soon as the mission is complete.  

You guys!  You need to be doing this.  I promise!  I know I say this on every step.  That is why I am telling you this though.  It is to help you and I promise in no time you will see and notice a difference.  Also, you won't be killing yourself while trying to do it.  

Let me know what you think once you follow along for a bit.  It is so awesome! 

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