Feb 4, 2015

Quest for MORE Happiness: February 2015

Before I start talking about February I just wanted to announce the winner of January's prize.  Melissa won The Happiness Project!  For those of you that did not win, I'm sorry!  The book is amazing.  If you get a chance please read it!  This month's prize is equally as amazing.  So read this post and then enter the giveaway!  Good luck!

My goals for February

All of my goals are the same as Gretchen's goals.  Remember my basis of this is from the AMAZING BOOK , The Happiness Project.  This month I change them to work for me and my husband. They are all centered around love.  Since I am married then that is my marriage.

1.  Quit Nagging.

I put this one first because it seriously can be so hard for me.  (all of the goals this month are kind of hard for me)  Nagging is so terrible for marriages and so if I cut it out life gets so much better.  I don't even know why I nag because it doesn't help Ryan do what I want him to do.  It shuts him down.  We are a team.  He doesn't need to be constantly nagged.  

2.  No Dumping.

This one makes me laugh.  I actually think this is the hardest one for me.  I tend to dump all my problems on Ryan.  I will even do it when he is at work and he can literally do NOTHING from work to help me.  It stresses him out more and then he tends to shut down more.  If I do not dump all my problems on him then he is more open to help me through things when he gets home.  I feel like out of all of the goals this month this one changes our attitudes the most.  I did it last year and I try to do it every day, but this month I am focusing on it with more intensity.

3.  Don't expect appreciation/praise

Again...hard.  I am a "words of affirmation" girl (have you read the 5 Love Languages book?  if not do!) .  I LOVE when people tell me good job.  Call me conceded, but it means so much to me when I get words of praise and appreciation.  So when I do not get it I don't feel loved.  Then I make it Ryan's problem.  If I don't EXPECT it then life is so much better.  When I do get compliments then I am happy, but if I don't then I don't fall apart.  

4.  Fight Right.

For me this means to be fair.  Do not fight about silly/stupid thing.  I understand there will be arguments, but make them constructive.  That way I am not beating my husband down.  We are actually pretty good at this.  We do not fight very often, but I want to make sure when we do it is fair and productive.  This goal helps me remember to "cool it" and make sure I remember I am talking to someone who means the whole world to me.

5.  Give proofs of love.

I LOVE this goal.  I love doing things for Ryan.  Little daily things.  These can even be silly.  It makes me happier and it makes him happier.  See he doesn't know he is on a quest for more happiness, but he is because I am.  My happiness can affect his happiness.

Follow me on Facebook to receive a daily idea for a proof of love.  I will be posting on there daily. 

Monthly Challenge & Giveaway

Challenge:  Do something out of the ordinary for your spouse.  If you are single then find someone that you love and do something for them.  It does not have to be big and cost a lot of money.  It does have to take a little effort though.  If you do it everyday then it isn't out of the ordinary right?  Once you do it then email me what you did.  If you have a picture to share, even better!

SIGNED copy of Marriage isn't For You!
The prizes won't always be a book (I know January and February were).  However, I LOVE this book.  It is a great book to have no matter your situation.  If you are already married there are fantastic reminders in it.  If you are in a relationship, but not yet married this is a great book to read to prepare you for that special day and every day after.  Even if you aren't in a relationship it is a great book to read because you can learn so much.  It makes a fantastic bridal shower or wedding gift.  If you do not have this book then you need to add it to your library.  It is not long at all so you can read it often to remind yourself of the importance of marriage and the love that grows there.  

To enter, email your submissions to support@shambray.com.  Have fun with this!  Happy LOVE month!

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