Mar 25, 2015

Deco Mesh and Burlap Wreath

burlap flowers, decorative burlap ribbon, ribbon, hot glue, wire

This is one of my favorite projects I have made EVER.  Maybe it is because I used deco mesh for the first time and I love trying new things.  Maybe it is because I used burlap and I LOVE burlap.  It could be both of those, but my favorite part is the finished product.  I love the way it looks and I love the colors.  I am very happy with this wreath.  

I made this wreath for my future sister-in-law.  She had a bridal shower and the theme of the shower was around the house.  I was assigned the front door and I knew I had to do a wreath that she had been eyeing at Quilted Bear (local store).  I love everything about wreaths (I know I talk about it often) and so I was up for the challenge.  The only thing that made me a little nervous is that I had never used deco mesh before and I wanted the finished product to be fabulous.  

Come to find out deco mesh is so fun.  There are so many colors, but I stuck with the natural burlap color since I was using natural burlap for the flowers.  The colors work perfectly together and I am more than pleased with the outcome.

This post contains some affiliate links, which means if you purchase the items using some of the links then I will be paid a small commission.  However, every item I talk about in this post I truly love and use often. 

Supplies you will need for this project: 

ribbon, fabric, hot glue, wire, wire cutters
  • 12 inch wire wreath form (I got mine from Joann)
  • 12-inch Deco Mesh (I got mine from Michaels
  • 26 gauge wire
  • Wire cutters (I just used pliers)
  • Burlap (I had the plain burlap already.  I am not sure where I originally got it.  However, the black polka dot burlap I got from Hobby Lobby). 
  • Hot glue gun 
  • Black material (I got mine from Walmart.  They have a bunch of fabric quarters already to go by their fabric that you can buy by the yard.  It was only $1 and I didn't use it all!)
  • Decorative burlap ribbon (I got mine from Joann.  Mine is 2.5 inches)
  • Coordinating ribbon (I got mine from Joann.  Mine is 1.5 inches)
  • Fabric scissors
Click to see the steps on how to make this wreath


The Baking Fairy said...

I'm in love! I'm obsessed with making wreaths and this has got to be the next one on my to-do list!

Tara said...

The polka dots are my favorite! That turned out so cute. Pinned!

Shambray said...

I LOVE making wreaths. I should honestly start a business. It would make me happy. I hope you enjoy it when you finish yours!

Shambray said...

I love the polka dots too! Thank you!

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