Apr 16, 2015

3 Date Night Ideas For After the Kids are in Bed plus a bonus!

babysitter, kids, dates, romantic, sexy

As you probably already know I love The Dating Divas.  They come up with the most amazing dates and even ideas on how to make your spouse feel special.  Since this month we are talking all about kids I thought it would be fun to add some dates to our calendars that we can do if we have kids (great ideas even if you don't have kids).  I also have included a very fun idea to do if you are able to get a babysitter and go out.  The kids will love it! 

babysitter, kids, dates, romantic, sexy

Change it up a bit

We like movies around here, but seem to be going nonstop that we never watch them.  So this Double Feature Date Night is a great way to watch a movie(s), but change it up a bit.  You will have to run to the store to stock up for the "movie theater", but other than that all you need is a printer.  Make sure you have the movies on hand, put the kids to bed, and the date night starts!

Bring on the romance

I love romance in marriages.  This is something that tends to die after the honeymoon stage is over.  "We are too busy", but really we need to make sure to keep the romance up.  This Loveseat Lounge date is a perfect romantic date.  It is so simple it even involves take out!  What gets more simple than that!  So feed the kids, get them to bed, and have a date night with your sweetie!  

A Sexy Date Idea

This Deal or No Deal date seems so fun.  I don't know about you, but I loved this show when it first came on TV.  I am not a gambler so it would have give me a heart attack to actually play, but I liked watching other people play.  My husband on the other hand is a risk taker.  So this game is right up his alley.  That is why I am adding it to my to do date list.  As usual the Divas don't disappoint and they have all the printables you need for this date.  All you have to do is print it off so you have it ready and start playing once you put the kids to bed.  

Bonus: Babysitter in a Bag

This has actually been on my to-do list for quite some time!  It is about time I actually did it.  You do need a babysitter though to do this Babysitter in a Bag idea.  This idea is so genius because it gives the kids something to look forward to when you leave.  Many times kids are so upset that you are leaving them that the parents tend to stress about them the whole time.  So this helps eliminate them being upset with you leaving.  Print out the printables and find a babysitter!  You deserve a night out with your spouse.  Check out my date night jar post or 4 new date night ideas post for inspiration on what to do when you can go out next.

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