Apr 30, 2015

34 fun things to do on Memorial Day

Free, Utah

Memorial Day will be here before we know it.  So start planning now so you can fill it with fun filled activities for the whole family.  Also, do not forget to remember the reason for the holiday and to remember those loved ones who have passed. 

Many of these things cost nothing or next to nothing!  These activities a great activities for anytime during the Spring too!  After being inside all Winter many of the activities are outside so you can enjoy the fresh warmer air.  Some of them are smaller activities so you could combine a bunch into one fun filled day. 
Utah, Free

  1. Picnic
  2. Fly a kite
  3. Make a blanket fort (this is best if the weather is bad outside)
  4. Lay on a blanket and watch the clouds
    Blanket, Clouds
  5. Throw pennies in a fountain
    Pennies, fountain
  6. Give your car a wash
  7. Ride bikes as a family
    bikes, family
  8. Go to the library
  9. Read some books about Spring
  10. Feed ducks
  11. Visit a pet store and see all the animals (maybe even bring home a pet fish)
    pet store, fish
  12. Paint a pet rock
  13. Visit the zoo
  14. Pick flowers and bring them inside to enjoy
  15. Go to the local airport and watch planes
  16. Bake cupcakes
  17. Blow bubbles
    blow bubbles
  18. Play a card game
  19. Play a board game
    board game
  20. Have a dance party
  21. Have a BBQ
  22. Start a campfire in your backyard
    campfire, backyard
  23. Go mini golfing
  24. Play dress up
    dress up
  25. Make a birthday card for anyone who's birthday is coming up
    birthday card
  26. Visit a local farm
  27. Get ice cream cones
    ice cream cones
  28. Go to the park
  29. Go camping 
  30. Go swimming
  31. Utah Readers: Visit the Treehouse Museum 
    Treehouse Museum
  32. Utah Readers: Visit the Living Planet Aquarium 
  33. Utah Readers: Visit Union Station
    Union Station
  34. Utah Readers: Visit Dinosaur Park
    Dinosaur Park

Have a fun filled Memorial Day with your family and friends!

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