Apr 30, 2015

Quest for More Happiness-May 2015-Finding More Fun in Life

My goals for May

Remember my basis of my monthly goals is from the AMAZING BOOK, The Happiness Project.  This month all my goals are centered around finding more fun in life.  Life can be a battle some days so finding fun in life is a great thing to do some days, well actually everyday!

Find more fun

I plan on enjoying more of the things that I enjoy.  I tend to think about others way too much.  WHICH IS NOT A BAD THING.  But this month I am going to watch some movies that I have wanted to watch.  I am going to download songs that I want instead of only songs my daughter wants.  I am going to read a book that I will get lost in.  I will craft with my mom and friends.  I will do what makes ME happy.  I can't wait. 

Be Silly

The older I get the less silly I become.  How sad is that?  When I realized this it made me even more sad.  I get so caught up with everything that has to be done and not letting it go.  Even for a second!  So this month I am going to do just this.  I am going to be more silly.  I am going to let some things slide.  I am going to make my husband and my daughter laugh.  (hopefully)

My husband is so good at being silly.  I love him for this.  Every night he helps Hannelore brush her teeth and EVERY. SINGLE. NIGHT. they make faces in the mirror.  They giggle and laugh.  If he happens to not be home and I take teeth brushing duty then I hear about it.  Apparently daddy makes much better faces than mommy.  *wink

Go off the path

This one is so hard for me as well.  I am a comfort zone queen.  I like to read things that I like to read.  I like to do things that I like to do.  I like to eat the same thing in restaurants.  So this month I am going to go off my mental path.  I am going to read different things each day.  Politics, science, world events.  These are the type of things that I shrug away from because they can stress me out.  I never pick up a politic book over a motherhood book.  NEVER.  This month will be different.  Instead of reading articles only about motherhood I will read about something else.  Although I will probably read about homemaking, motherhood, or crafts as well.  This way I can expand my horizons.  I can hopefully learn something new.  Maybe, just maybe, I can impress my husband while I am at it. 

Try new things and go somewhere new

Like I said in the previous section I rarely try new things.  Not this month!  This month I am going to try 3 new things: a new restaurant, a new place I have never been that is close by, and go somewhere that is a bit farther that again I have never been (possibly stay in a hotel...mini vacation!).  
So these might change, but here are my thoughts right now:

Restaurant: Tokyo Station (new restaurant that opened up recently around me)

Close by attraction: The Train Shoppe (Hannelore loves trains despite being a girl and a very girly girl at that so this should be so fun for her as well)

Farther away attraction (getaway): We can't decide yet on this.  We are leaning towards a National Park we haven't been to together or even staying in The Grand America (a nice hotel that neither of us has stayed in, although it is in SLC where we go often). 

Challenge and Giveaway

Challenge this month-Choose any of these options (or all 3):
  • Do something that you find fun.  Take a picture if you can because pictures make me smile. 
  • Be silly.  Tell a joke.  Do a funny dance.  Laugh until you cry.  I don't care, just be silly and love every minute of it!    
  • Go off the path.  When I say this I mean mentally.  If you are a business person then read up on anatomy or something else that is not what you typically read. 
  • Go someplace new or try a new place!  Take a picture if you can and tell me what your experience was like.  If you can tell me where you went or the place you tried.  That way my list can continue to grow.  
Email me at support@shambray.com when you are completed with the challenge. 

A $30 Visa Gift Card! 

Who doesn't want free money!?  Hopefully this will help you try another new place or go somewhere new.  Maybe it will help free up some financial stress so you can be a bit more silly or find more time to have fun.  Maybe it will help you buy a magazine to read something that is completely NOT "YOU".  No matter what the winner does with it I hope they can find more fun!  

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