Apr 7, 2015

Easter Festivities

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How was your Easter?  We had such a fun Easter this year.  Hannelore is at such a fun age.  I love it.  Every single holiday is an adventure for her.  It makes it so much fun.  

This year I did a Christ centered Easter countdown.  It made our home more peaceful throughout the week.  Hannelore had so much fun doing each of the activities every night.  On a couple of them we even involved Hannelore's cousin, aunt, uncles, grandma, and grandpa.  She really loved those nights. 

Then on Saturday before Easter we went to an Easter Egg Hunt for our city.  It is crazy how many people show up and it lasts maybe 30 seconds.  I am not even exaggerating!  However, Hannelore had fun and that is all that matters.  Since she was a baby she has liked picking stuff up and putting it in her bag, basket, or whatever it is she is carrying.  So this was right up her alley.  

Then on Sunday the Easter bunny came!  She was so sad that she didn't get to see him.  She found all her dyed eggs and there were a couple Reese's eggs hidden, and then her basket.  She found the eggs pretty well and only needed help on a few.  The same thing with the Reese's, but the basket was another story.  

Last year the Easter bunny tied a string around the basket so she could follow the string to where her basket was.  However, the Easter bunny thought she could do it without that this year and he was wrong (wink).  She was so confused.  I had to basically tell her to open up the cupboard where it was.  We gave her clue after clue and that didn't help.  

She was so excited when she found it though.  She LOVES surprise eggs.  Her basket was full of them.  Each egg had a little toy of some sort.  It was so magical for her.  She also got Playdoh, a book called "The New Baby", and a couple candy items.  

It was so fun to see her get so excited.  While I was making breakfast she started hiding the eggs again.  Then she told me and Ryan to go find them.  We almost couldn't find one of them.  I don't know what hard boiled eggs smell like when they have been left out too long, but I can only imagine.  I started worrying, but then we found it.  She thought it was pretty funny. 

We went to her grandparent's after that and they had an Easter basket hidden.  In her basket was a bunch of stuff, but to her the gold mine was the Little People Princesses.  Those things have not left her side since.  She is in love with them.  

Well that was our Easter.  Did you have a good Easter as well?  What Easter traditions do you have in your family?  

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Brissa Christensen said...

This sounds like such a fun Easter! I love the idea of keeping the week leading up to it Christ centered.

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