Apr 1, 2015

Quest for More Happiness-April 2015-Strengthening bonds with children

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My goals for April

Remember my basis of my monthly goals is from the AMAZING BOOK, The Happiness Project.  This month all my goals are centered around building a stronger relationship with my daughter.  Motherhood is such a tough thing and I am so excited to be focusing all month on feeling better about the mother that I am.
Sing and dance in the morning
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I did this for a long time last year when I started applying The Happiness Project in my life.  I do not know why I stopped because this one thing would put a smile on my face and Hannelore's face every morning without fail.  It is hard to sing and dance and be in a bad mood.  Everyday is worth celebrating.  So why not start each day off with a song and a dance?

 Acknowledge other's feelings
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I choose this picture because the biggest thing I need to do is STOP (or take a minute) and listen.  In The Happiness Project, Gretchen Rubin references the book, How to Talk So Kids Will Listen and Listen So Kids Will Talk.  I will be doing a book review on that book later this month.  That book is a really, really good book to give great examples on how to acknowledge kid's feelings.  

In The Happiness Project, Gretchen gives some great tips on how she acknowledged her own kids feelings.  Here are some of her ideas:

-Write it down. 
          This really works.  This is one that sounds crazy, but really does work.  Basically if Hannelore doesn't like something then I write it down and while I am writing it down I say it aloud.  

-Don't say "no" or "stop". 
          I have been doing this for the last year and it has worked much better for Hannelore.  Instead of telling her no, I will say, "Yes you can after dinner" (or whatever it is I need her to do).  I always start with yes.  

-Admit that a task is difficult.  
          This is another one I have been doing for quite sometime.  Just telling her that I know what she is trying to do is difficult and then giving her advice on how to make it easier will help her calm down, more than telling her it is not a big deal or telling her outright what to do.

-Wave a magic wand.
          I tried this, but Hannelore did not care for it.  Basically you say, "if I had a magic wand then I would make it warm outside (or whatever it is they want)."

Keep happy memories vivid
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This picture is vivid to me and it looks happy and peaceful.  Those are the type of things that I want to keep vivid in my home.  I plan on doing this in many ways, but here are the specific ways I plan on achieving this goal.

  1. Look at old pictures and photo albums with my family at least weekly.  
  2. Upload all my pictures that I haven't had printed yet to Chatbooks and getting the books coming my way.  (I will be doing a post on Chatbooks later this month with a special code for my readers!)
  3. Reporting things that have been going on in Hannelore's life to grandparents and great grandparents weekly.  They love to hear about her, but I always forget to keep them informed. 
  4. Make a bigger deal of our weekly tradition of "Chinese night".  Ryan and I have been getting Chinese take out every Thursday and eating it in front of the TV since we have been married.  Hannelore loves it because it is less structured then every other night.  She also loves it because we get to have a "picnic" in front of the TV!  
Daily projects with my daughter

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This one we usually do anyways and that is because I read The Happiness Project last year and tried to apply as much of it as I could.  However, there are some days that are spent in front of the TV because my work is crazy or some other unforeseen problem/problems come up.  I have committed to doing something with her even on those rough days.  It might not be elaborate, but it will be something.  When I do "projects" with her I see a much better side of her.  Quality time with kids means more to them then anything else.

Challenge and Giveaway

Challenge this month-Choose any of these options:
  • Sing and/or dance in the morning for at least 7 days this month.  Email me once you have done this and include any thoughts you have on it. 
  • Do projects with your child/children at least 7 times this month.  Email me one of the projects you did.  If you have a picture to send, that is even better.  
  • Try one of the ways to acknowledge your kids feelings that I listed above.  Once you have done this then email me and tell me your results.  
  • Do one of the suggestions above to keep happy memories vivid or come up with your own.  Once you have done this email me your experience.  
Email me at support@shambray.com

Feathered Friends
A Kiwi Crate box!  

Seriously!  These boxes are so much fun.  Hannelore LOVES them and it takes care of 1-5 days worth of projects (depending on how much she will let me spread them out, she usually wants to do everything the day we get it).  She still plays with past projects all the time.  Check out my Kiwi Crate review.  It is such a wonderful thing for kids.  It is recommended for ages 4-8, but Hannelore has liked it and she is only 2!

Check out the other month's in my Quest For More Happiness:

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kendra said...

I'm going to look into both of those books. Thanks! Also, Ella would LOVE kiwi crate. Good ideas. I'm working on the challenge now :)

Ann said...

So glad you mentioned the idea of turning "No" into "Yes". I'm definitely joining in the challenge. Thanks for this!!!

Shambray said...

Yay! I hope you enjoy the challenge! I am so glad you are joining in. I am sure Ella would LOVE Kiwi Crate!

Shambray said...

This challenge is so good for moms too! I'm so glad you are joining in!

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