Apr 2, 2015

Energy and motherhood quote - April 2015

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If you missed the post yesterday it was all about my goals for the month of April.  All my goals are centered around strengthening my bond with my daughter.  There is a fantastic giveaway going with this month's challenge.  The challenge will help all the mothers out there wanting to help the mommy guilt go down.  

This quote was the perfect match for my word of the year (energy) and motherhood or kids.  What more should you spend your energy on then your kids?  That is something that will make a difference.  

Kids love attention from their parents and they are much better behaved when they get that attention.  I also do not know about you, but mommy guilt can be real.  So when you give your kids attention that mommy guilt is lessened.  

So start spending your energy on your kids, on strengthening your bond with them.  If you have older children that you feel are too far or they want nothing to do with you, then work on repairing that relationship.  I feel for moms and dads that have kids that have distanced themselves from their parents.  

I want all of my readers to feel a little better with the relationship they have with their kids by the end of April.  Spend your energy this month on them.  On those you love.  

Please don't feel like you are failing, ever!  As long as you are trying and working toward a better relationship with your kids then you are NOT failing.  I was told once, "If you are even concerned with failing then you aren't failing."  I really believe that, because you are aware and working towards becoming better.  That is all we can ask of ourselves as parents.  

So print off the printable above and place it somewhere so you see it often and know that we are all in this together.  We can use our energy for something good and hopefully make a difference in the end.  

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