May 28, 2015

Family Home Evening: June 2015

Love, share, obey, thankful, sorry
Disclaimer: This post is about my faith.  If that makes you uncomfortable then please stop reading.  It is not my intention to make my readers feel awkward in any way.  I am a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints.  I am very proud of that part of me and I love the church with all my heart.

In The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints the family is key.  Every Monday night is devoted toward "Family Home Evening".  It is a time to spend with the family so individuals can grow together as a family as well as closer to our Savior.  I try and do something spiritual every week, although, some weeks it will be spent with the family in a more casual setting.

I have started this Family Home Evening Series to help ME be more organized, but at the same time I ended up helping other families.  So I thought I would continue doing this series to hopefully help us all spend more time with our families.  Once again the lessons are short, because Hannelore is still young.  With each lesson we have a brief discussion about whatever the topic is.

share, obey, thankful, sorry, love

June 1st-I will obey

For today we are going to play Simon Says, but I will call it "Mommy Says" or "Daddy Says".  

June 8th-I will be thankful

The Ten Lepers:  Give her 10 popsicle sticks and have her draw smiley faces on one side and frowny faces on the other side.  I will probably have her draw white parts on the frowny side for the leprosy.  We will then act out the story of The Ten Lepers.

June 15th-I will say "I'm Sorry"

Play the movie Showing Sorry

June 22nd-I will share

Print off this cube.  Then play the game that goes along with it.  Basically roll the die after it is colored and assembled.  Whatever it lands on I will have Hannelore act it out and say the words that are on that side.  If it lands on the "I will share" side then have her clap and say "I will share".  

June 29th-I will love others

This night we will put together this Love One Another Puzzle.

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