Jun 1, 2015

Quest for More Happiness-June 2015-Friendships

My goals for June

My basis of my monthly goals is from the AMAZING BOOK, The Happiness Project.  This month all my goals are centered around friendship.  Friends are such a special part of life.  So I love focusing on friends and strengthening the friendships I have.

Remember Birthdays
I think birthdays are so wonderful.  I love celebrating the birthdays of all my loved ones, both friends and family.  I plan on remembering the birthdays of all my friends and at a bare minimum send them a text, Facebook post, or email.  However, if I can kick it up a notch I will either call or send a handwritten note or maybe even stop by their house.  I want to make them feel special.  The first step is to write all the birthdays down and REMEMBER.  

Be generous
I want to focus on generosity this month.  I want to help when I can and be a support to all of my friends.  If a particular friend has a dream I want to be one of their biggest cheerleaders.  If they need help trying to figure something out I want to help them and give advice when wanted or needed.  

Don't Gossip

Thank heavens I am surrounded by amazing women that don't find the need to gossip.  However, it can always sneak up on me and it is such a negative and ugly thing to do.  There is no need for gossip in my life and so I plan to put a wall up to gossip.  I don't want any part of it.  

Make 3 new friends
As adults it can be difficult to find ways to make new friends, but I plan to go out of my way to make at least 3 new friends.  It might be at one of my daughter's activities.  It might be at church.  Or it might be somewhere completely unexpected, like a party or some other gathering.  I'm excited to find out!

Show up
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In the book Gretchen Rubin talks about visiting friends who just had babies.  I plan to help new moms that just had babies and to visit them.  I plan to help friends that are having a bad day.  I plan to go to activities that friends invite me to.  I plan to SHOW UP.  That can be the hardest part.   Just start walking or get in my car and start driving; make it a priority.  My life can be so busy sometimes, but showing up for friends can mean the world to them and to me!  

Challenge and Giveaway

Challenge this month-Choose any of these options (or all 4):
  • Call a friend on their birthday or at least send them a text.  
  • If gossip sneaks up in your friend group either walk away or stop the gossip.  
  • Join the challenge with me and make 3 new friends.  
  • Plan a day or evening with one or more of your friends.  
Email me at support@shambray.com when you are completed with the challenge.  In the email include what you did to complete the challenge.  

A pack of 5 handmade birthday cards

I am hoping these will help you when you are remembering friends' birthdays!  Your friends will feel so special to get a handmade card from you with a thoughtful note written inside.  Each of the 5 cards will be unique.

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