Jun 21, 2015

28 Ways To Be Happier

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1.  Set goals and work towards them:  This one is the most important one.  You NEED to have goals. We are designed to progress.  We need direction in our life to feel happy.  If we do not have direction or goals then we are constantly lost.  My dad once told me an analogy.  He asked me, "If you were the captain of a ship and you had a whole crew at your command what would be your first step."  I told him to get a compass to lead me where I want to go.  He said, "Ok, so you are saying your first step is to have a destination in mind."  He went on to say that we can work really hard and have a lot of people helping us work really hard, but if we do not work TOWARDS something then we could be spinning around in circles.  Life can be very frustrating and stressful if we live like that. 

2.  Create something:  This ties into #1 as well.  Make it a goal to create something.  We are creative beings.  In order to be truly happy we need to create.  It can be ANYTHING.  Do not say, "Well I'm not crafty."  It CAN be a craft, but it does not have to be.  Maybe you create a meal, by following a recipe or not.  Either way you are taking raw materials and making something that is great to eat (hopefully it is great to eat).  It could be that you create a bedtime routine that works for your child and you.  It could be that you create a date night so that you and your spouse or significant other can bond.  Being creative does not mean crafts alone. 

3.  Live in the moment:  This one is so hard to do.  Especially in today's world with social media ready and willing to pull you from where you are and suck you into your friend's living room or kitchen or whatever they are posting about today.  Which I have to add will usually be the best of the best because they do not want to show their worst parts of life.  There is an awesome quote that my friend once sent me about living in the present.  "If you are depressed you are living in the past.  If you are anxious you are living in the future.  If you are at peace you are living in the present."  That quote is by Lao Tzu.  Decide today to become more peaceful/more happy by living in the moment.  


Unknown said...

Love this! I love naps and some of the others I am working on! :-) Saying hello from #Blogger52Project

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