Jun 11, 2015

8 things I need to work on to communicate respect for my husband

I respect my husband so much, but sometimes I don't always show it.  I made a list of the things I want to work on to show him respect.  I hope I am not the only one who struggles with doing these things.  I also hope they can help you find ways to better communicate respect for your spouse.  Many items on this list do not even use verbal words.  

1.  Don't complain
       This is something that I need to work on!  My husband HATES when I complain.  Honestly, who        likes to be around a complainer.  NO ONE!  So I need to work on being happier with life right            now and then work on things that can be changed.  

2.  Don't interrupt
        I hate to admit this, but I tend to interrupt my husband.  Honestly, how horrible is that!  It drives         him crazy and I have no idea why I even do it because I should be so happy when he is talking.           I should be interested in what he is saying.  Interrupting is so rude and honestly ugly.  I need to           cut it out entirely.  

3.  Be happy
       When I am in a good mood my husband is typically in a good mood.  If my husband is in a good        mood and I am in a bad mood, my mood can very quickly change his mood to bad.  I need to              focus on being more happy.  Just act it...it will more than likely change my mood as well if I act          happy.  

4.  Respond positively to his physical gestures
       If I respond negatively when my husband touches me I notice a change in the way he acts.  If I            am enthusiastic and happy then his self-esteem is much better and he is happier.  

5.  Pay attention to him
       When my husband is talking I need to stop what I am doing and look at him.  Give him all of my        attention.  These can be cherished moments. 

6.  Look at and talk about his good qualities 
        Honestly, who likes to have their bad qualities pointed out.  Again, NO ONE.  We all have them,         but dwelling on them can make both him and I crazy.  I need to point out his good qualities                 because he has many, many of them. 

7.  No nagging
       Another thing I hate to admit is the fact that I nag.  Sometimes I can act more like a mother to              him than a wife.  A husband does not want to be treated like a kid and he should not be treated            like a kid.  

8.  Smile
       My husband loves my smile.  It is one of my characteristics that he fell in love with.  I look                  prettier with a smile on my face.  A scowl is so ugly and I usually get a smile back from him if I          smile at him.  Therefore we are both more happy if I smile.  

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Christine Hershey said...

This is wonderful and we lose sight of this in a marriage! Great tips-thank you! :-)

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