Jun 5, 2015

Chicken Wire Frame Summer Bucket List

frame, chicken wire

It's Summertime again!  I wanted to be on top of the question, "What are we doing today?"  I wanted to have fun things set up for my daughter and because I like to display things I wanted to do it in a cute way.  I also didn't want to tire myself out because being pregnant is HARD on me.  So I needed a wide range of activities to do.  Some that were away from home and some where we could just relax at home, but have something fun to do.

I absolutely love doing Summer Bucket Lists.  (Check out last years!)It is so fun for me to do different things with my family and to choose the activities in a fun way.  This year I decided to use something I already had at my house.  I am trying to declutter so I thought bringing more things into my house was contrary to the progress I have already made.  

This bucket list is a simple craft.  You can see for yourself below! 

This post contains some affiliate links, which means if you purchase the items using some of the links then I will be paid a small commission.  However, every item I talk about in this post I truly love and use often. 

Materials needed:
  1. Spray paint your frame.  If you want to keep it the original color then skip this step.  (I had used this frame with the chicken wire for Hannelore's 2nd birthday party so I had to cover up the chicken wire.  It is much easier to paint it first.)
    Summer Bucket List
  2. Staple the chicken wire to the back of the frame.  
    staple gun, Summer bucket list
  3. Print off the activity printables.  Then either cut out the activities with a circle punch or scissors.  
    circle punch, scissors, Summer Bucket List
  4. Set up the frame with the container holding the unused activity circles close by.  Attach the first 5 activities to the frame with the mini clothespins.  See below how we are picking out activities so we get a variety each week.   
    clothespins, chicken wire
    chicken wire, framefree printables
  5. If you want to have a variety of activities then put the different colors in different baggies.  I then placed the separate baggies inside the container sitting next to the frame.  
    free printables

Breakdown of activities

We are going to pick one of each color and display them each week.  Each color represents a different type of activity.  See printables for descriptions.  I plan on picking them every Sunday and then completing them throughout the week.  I have some suggestions below for some of the activities that might need more detail.  

Create Something
Destinations and parties
  • For the PJ party we will invite friends over and tell them to wear PJ's and then have an ice cream bar
  • Check out Pinterest for ideas for the other activities or create your own ideas!
Make something in the kitchen
free printable, activities

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Unknown said...

This is adorable! I absolutely love it. So many cute and creative ideas. This would be perfect in my kitchen. I'm going to try it out!

Shambray said...

I hope you tried it out and loved it! We are still working on ours because of the crazy hospital stays that put us behind!

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