Jun 2, 2015

June Energy and Friendship Quote

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If you read my post yesterday then you know that I am focusing on my amazing friends this month.  I have some pretty phenomenal friends.  I consider myself very, very blessed.  I also have a great giveaway if you want to join in on the challenge (see the post for details).  The giveaway will be a great way to strengthen your friendships!  

There was a time in my life were I had lots of friends, but then something happened in my life that was a reality check.  I found out who my real friends were.  It was a dark time in my life because I felt like I lost a lot of great friends, but then I learned that life was better if I had true and sincere friends.  

Friendships can die down if you don't value friendship.  Friendships make life a happier place.  That is why I love the idea of focusing on friendships.  I plan to start this month and really focus hard on my friends and then continue because good friends deserve to be valued.  

Coming up on the blog this month
  • More thank you cards with gift ideas (with free printables)
  • Book Review on How to Win Friends and Influence People (to go along with the friendship theme)
  • Summer Bucket List idea (free printable included)
  • Next step of the Stay Sane Cleaning Series
  • More organizing labels for different rooms in your home 
I am excited for the Summer and the fun that comes with it.  I am a little worried about being pregnant during the Summer because my feet do not handle pregnancy well and I really hope I don't look like the Michelin man when it comes to my feet.  Have a great start of Summer and don't forget to celebrate your friendships!

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