Aug 4, 2015

Update on my pregnancy and August energy quote

Marjorie P Hinckley
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This quote speaks volumes to me.  It always has, but this week especially it does.  I hope you can enjoy this quote and apply it to your life as well.  We need to put our energy towards the things that matter most.  Sometimes those can change.  

I will give you an update on my pregnancy and my hospital stay.  Then I will share with you how I am applying this quote to my life.

Sunday, July 26th:  I got to leave the hospital!  I was so happy I actually cried.  I was able to leave after 48+ hours of no bleeding.  They were still on edge about letting me go because I was still having consistent contractions.  However, they let me go and told me to come back if the contractions got worse or if the bleeding started again.  I was so nervous that I would leave and then a few hours later have to go back.

I did not have to go back.  The following week was pretty easy and uneventful.  I was on a very limited movement plan, so I took it really easy.  My dear husband does so much.

Friday, July 31st: I went to the hospital because I had pain in my leg.  It was pretty painful and my left foot was more swollen than my right.  I went into the hospital to get an ultrasound done on my leg to make sure I did not have a blood clot.  Thank heavens I didn't.

Saturday and Sunday went without a hitch.  Saturday I was able to see my sweet daughter in a parade for dance and she did so well.  This was something I did not want to miss.  She was dancing, smiling, and waving.  She sure knows how to make her parents proud.

Sunday, August 2nd:  At 11 pm I started having consistent contractions (they were 2-5 minutes apart and they would last anywhere from 30-90 seconds) that were pretty high on the pain scale.  I would say they were ranging from a 5-7 on the pain scale with most of them at the 7 mark.  This continued from 11 pm-5 am the next morning.  At that point I decided I better go in so that I do not get in trouble for not going in.  I was supposed to go in if I had them 5-10 minutes apart for 2 hours.  The reason I didn't go in right away is because they weren't getting any more intense.  I did NOT want to go sit at the hospital again.

Another reason I decided to go in is because I couldn't sleep.  They were painful enough that I couldn't sleep and I really needed sleep.  So I decided to go in and see what was going on.  They tried for 6 hours to slow them down.  Again, nothing worked, but at the same time they were not getting worse and my sweet baby was handling everything really well.

So they let me go home, thank heavens.  They gave me some medicine to help my uterus calm down and then hopefully help me to sleep a little bit.  It worked because I was able to come home and take a 4 hour nap.

Then last night I was able to sleep.  I am still contracting, but they have spread out now.  They are still pretty intense, but at least not happening all the time so my body can get some rest from it all.  The doctors really, really, really want me to get to 37 weeks (this Thursday) so hopefully we can have some uneventful days this week and maybe even make it until next week.

So back to the quote, this week I am applying the quote to my life.  My assignment this week is to stay pregnant and to put my full heart and energy into helping my baby girl stay calm through all the contractions and to stay pregnant.  I am going to put my whole heart and soul into this.  I have picked activities that I can do with Hannelore will laying down or at least sitting.  This will help curb the mommy guilt because I still want to be present in her life.

Thank you all for the love and support I have felt from you.  I am so grateful for everyone in my life right now.  I am grateful for my sweet family who is my rock.

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Brissa Christensen said...

That quote made me tear up!! What a beautiful reminder that seasons and assignments in our lives change so enjoy what's going on now And give it your all. I'm so, so happy for you guys and for sweet Isla being here and ready to play. You're a champion!

Shambray said...

Thank you so much for your love and support during this crazy time!

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