Sep 2, 2015

September energy quote

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This quote speaks to me.  I absolutely love it and I hope you do as well.  It also goes perfectly with my goals for the month of September.  

I am so excited to be pursuing my passions and hobbies this month.  My hobbies and passions are an outlet for me and I feel almost free when I pursue them.  I feel like I can focus on being a better mom, wife, employee, blogger, friend, and overall person when I give some time to my hobbies, when I take time to do things that I really enjoy.  

That is why the first line in the quote is so true.  Passion is energy.  When you are passionate about something energy seems to follow.  You don't have to force energy or even think about it.  It just happens.  Energy starts flowing.  

I plan on "feeling the power that comes from focusing on what excites me".  I am so exhausted all the time from being a new mom again and not sleeping very much.  Sweet Isla loves to keep me up at night and that is to be expected.  I love our little early morning bonding sessions.  I love holding her in my arms.  I love being her mom.  

However, it is exhausting.  It can be overwhelmingly exhausting.  So I am hoping that pursuing my passions and hobbies will help bring some energy into my life.  I am sure this will happen and I am excited to see how it changes my whole outlook on life right now.  

Again, my whole purpose of doing this quest for more happiness is to become more happy.  That is pretty self explanatory right?  I love this quest and I have learned so much this year about myself and happiness in general.  

So now I want to hear from you?  What are your passions?  What excites you?  What brings energy into your life without you even trying? 

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