Sep 1, 2015

Quest for More Happiness-September 2015-Hobbies/Passions

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My goals for September

The basis for my monthly goals is the AMAZING BOOK, The Happiness Project.  This month all my goals are centered around my passions and hobbies.  I love this month's goals because hobbies and passions can bring so much joy into my life, but at the same time I can feel so guilty for taking time to actually DO my passions and hobbies.

Make Time
Quest for More Happiness-Passions/Hobbies
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My first goal is to actually make the time.  If I sit around and wait for the time to land in my lap then it will never happen.  Especially since I have a brand new baby that can take much of my time.  I need to schedule time for myself to pursue my passions and hobbies.  

Enjoy this refreshing time
Quest for More Happiness-Passions/Hobbies
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Like I said in a couple paragraphs above, I can make myself almost physically sick with guilt for taking time to pursue my passions and hobbies.  I will make myself feel so bad for not spending more time with my daughters or husband.  I will look around the house and see the many projects that need to be completed.  This month I plan on throwing that guilt aside and enjoying this time. 

Read 3-4 books
Quest for More Happiness-Passions/Hobbies
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This will be quite a feat for me if I can pull it off.  I used to read so much before I became a mom.  Now it is so hard for me to do.  I still read, just not as much.  My time is so filled with wonderful mommy things.  When it is not filled with mommy things then I love spending time with my amazing husband.  I still work and have many work responsibilities along with a house that needs to be maintained.  So guess what falls to the bottom of the list?  Reading.  By the time I hit the bed I almost pass out from exhaustion.  I hope I can pull this goal off. 

Finish all my incomplete paper crafting projects
Quest for More Happiness-Passions/Hobbies
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I have so many paper crafting projects that I have started and are taking up space and honestly energy.  If I could finish them and put them to use then I would feel so much better.  I just know it.  So I plan on finishing those.  With that comes my Christmas cards for this year too.  Those have been started, but are not even close to finished.   

Challenge and Giveaway

Challenge this month-Choose a passion that you have put on the back burner for whatever reason.  Then start pursuing it.  Make goals to take the time to pursue them.  Enjoy your time chasing after your passions.  

Email me at when you are completed with the challenge.  In the email include what you did to complete the challenge.  


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