Nov 13, 2015

Here's a quick way to find out what produce is in season and recipes to go with them

I plan a meal and it sounds so perfect.  However, when I go to buy the food for the recipe I realize that the food is not in season.  So I try and decide: do I want to buy mediocre/terrible produce and possibly not even find the item I am looking for OR do I change my whole meal plan?  Neither option sounds that great to me.

This is almost constantly my dilemma.  I am not a huge foodie.  I can cook, but I am not a genius in the kitchen.  So I needed a resource to help me know what is in season.  Well there are many things on Pinterest to help me find out what produce is in season, but then I am presented with another problem....I have to go searching for recipes that use those produce items that are in season.

I do not have a ton of time and although I love cooking home cooked meals I do NOT love searching for hours and hours for recipes that will work for my family.  Again, it isn't my strongest passion.  So do you want to know my solution, because I am giddy to tell you about it!  Drum roll!!!!

This post contains affiliate links, which means I receive a small commission if you make a purchase using some of the links. However, all opinions are 100% my own.  I also received a free e-book in exchange for this post. 

In walks this beauty into my life.  It is an e-cookbook!  It is genius and I love everything about it.  Let me gush over it a bit and then you can go get one for yourself.

Here are the reasons I LOVE this book:

  1. It has 75 information/recipe packed pages!
  2. There is a picture with each recipe.  (Isn't it so much better to look at what you are going to eat before you actually make it.  That way you know what to expect).
  3. The organization of this book speaks to me.  There are all the money saving tips at the front.  Then the pages are categorized by season.  The "Season" pages start with a list of what is in season that time of year.  Then immediately following that list are 14 recipes to use the produce in season.  It is beautifully organized.  (Oh and there are more saving tips sprinkled in the "Season" pages.  
  4. The pictures in the book are vibrant and wonderful to look at.  No one wants to cook something that is just "blah" looking.  
My favorite money saving tip I learned from the book (well one of my favorites):  Your goal is to buy apples for $.99 a pound or less.  Now I know what to look for.  

The best news is that it is on sale right now!  It is $9.99 until November 21st!  Then it goes up to $14.99 (which is still a fantastic deal for what you are getting, but it is always better to save $5.00, right?)  

Here's how you get your own copy:
  1. Click HERE!
  2. Then enter f2d to get the $5.00 off.  
  3. It's that easy!  I hope you enjoy it as much I have. 

I plan a meal and it sounds so perfect.  AND I go to the store, find beautiful and marvelous tasting produce, and it doesn't take me long to look for the recipes I am using.  This is a beautiful ending to the story.  

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