Mar 4, 2016

Have a Children's Book Collection You Can Be Proud Of-Courage Edition

"Mommy.  I don't want to do that.  It's too scary."  I hear this at least once a day, but I think I hear it more like 10-15 times a day.  My sweet three year old struggles in the courage department.  She is not daring at all.  Which has made it easy to turn my back for a few minutes on her.  She literally won't try anything that could possibly hurt her or ruin something.  

So I get that there are perks, but at the same time I want her to not fear everything in life.  She is so sweet and I want her to have more courage.  This year our little family has been focusing on one value each month.  In February it was courage.  (I will write a whole post about how February went and what we focused on in January at a later time.)  

Today I want to focus on something that we did to really illustrate courage and how we need it in our everyday lives.  In this crazy world that we live in we need courage all the time.  My daughter doesn't deal too much with peer pressure yet, but that will come too soon.  I not only want her to have courage to do things that are a little out of her comfort zone, but I also want her to have courage to do the right thing.  Even if everyone else is doing the wrong thing.  I want her to have courage to say no when needed.

So I set out to find the best books on courage.  I wanted her to be pumped full of different ways we can have courage.  Books are such a great way to teach things to our kids.  I was surprised to find so many books on courage.  

Continue to see all of our favorite books on courage that we found.  I liked most of them that we read, but some of them did not make the cut.  

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