Mar 9, 2016

How to Save Money on Healthy Food- tips you should try!

This post is written by health/fitness contributor, Melissa.  She also blogs at On The Go Healthy Mom.

Have you ever heard the excuse pop into your head "Eating Healthy is Expensive"

Well I have said it before, and I have heard it a lot.

But so is eating out and eating unhealthy- Right?

So here are some tips for you today that will make you realize it's ok to spend a little bit more on healthy food, otherwise you will spend it on the unhealthy.

Tip #1

Buy fruits and veggies that are in season. Look at the grocery ad's at your favorite store and plan your meals and snacks around those that are on sale! Then get shopping. Bring them home, chop them up according to the recipe. And eat them right away! That way they won't spoil in your fridge or on your counter.

Tip #2

Don't buy prepackaged food. Take the time to make your own version that will be healthier. If you make it in bulk and either freeze it, or for this particular recipe- store it. You might pay a little more up front for the ingredients (not much), but you will overall save instead of paying for the boxed packaged/unhealthy version. Here is a yummy and healthy granola recipe you can try. Add to your yogurt, eat it for breakfast with a little milk, or eat it plain for a snack! Kids love it! 

Tip #3

Getting on a healthy eating routine takes time and effort. Just like anything else. To save money in the long run, you need to put in the investment of your time and energy first. Instead of buying a treat, unhealthy drink, or fast food. Save that money and buy something healthy at the grocery store. Do it- I dare you. You will feel empowered and so happy with those choices that will make you feel better.

What is one thing you are going to try to eat healthier?

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