Apr 16, 2016

A Lesson Learned from Flight Attendants

This post is written by health/fitness contributor, Melissa.  She also blogs at On The Go Healthy Mom.

Being COMMITTED is an important word for a mother.

We have many responsibilities to be committed to our family, and the demands of our children who count on us to do MANY things for them.

We also have a commitment to ourselves, and sometimes- we put ourselves last.

As moms we tend to take on A LOT!

Can you relate?

I know I can.

We wear many hats as a mother- cook, taxi driver, cleaner, Band-aid put-er-on-er, snuggler,

And many more.

We go about our days, wanting to please everyone around us, but what we really need to do it to take care of ourselves, so we can take care of others.

Just like when you are on an airplane, when you are fastening your seat belt and the flight attendant is explaining how to put on your oxygen mask in case of an emergency.

You are then told to put on your own FIRST before you put on your children's, so you can breathe to be able to take care of them.

So that you can have the energy to do all those many things that you need to do as a mother.

Here are a couple of tips to help you commit to some time for YOU, so you have the energy to commit to those around you.

>>Make it FUN- not a chore.

It is not a job to take care of YOU, it is part of everyday life. Do something for you each day. Get up early, write in your journal, exercise, get yourself ready for the day. Do something you love before the kids wake up. You will feel so refreshed and energized!

>At the end of a long day, do something relaxing that you love. Take a bubble bath, read a good book, watch your favorite TV show.

>>Do a Babysitting Co-Op with other Moms. Watch their kids so she can go to the gym or do something without kids. And then she watches your kids so you can do something you love without kids! It's a Win-WIN!

Take the time for YOU, and feel good about it- not guilty.

You are worth it, and so are your kids!

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