Dec 9, 2016

The Ultimate Gift Guide for Your Husband

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I am completely done Christmas shopping, except for my husband.  He is the HARDEST person I have to shop for.  Usually it is because he buys everything that he wants, but this year that wasn't the case.  The other reason why he is hard is because he is SO PARTICULAR.  

So this year he said, "I want a new Blu-Ray player".  And I think, "Ok.  No big deal.  I can do that."  Then immediately I start freaking out because I am sure there is some feature he is looking for.  I am thinking there are certain brands that are off limits, but I don't know what those are.  

I don't want to ask him, because honestly I want him to have surprises.  So I will go to Best Buy and hope and pray that I get something that is good.  Do you see what I mean?  Buying for him is hard.  Hopefully your man in your life is a bit easier, but if he isn't then maybe this gift guide will help.  

To start off I have to say that I try to get something that he really wants and then I try to get something that he needs.  I always get him either a full outfit or some new article of clothing or shoes.  Then lastly, because he is a big kid, I get him some sort of toy.  

Since he might read this post I am not going to share exactly what I am getting him, but I am going to give choices under each of the categories that I listed above.  

This gift guide has 6 different Christmas gift ideas for him, specifically for a husband.
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Something he really wants

He really wants a new Blu-ray player.  So guess what!?  I am going to get him one without his help and that alone will be amazing to him.  Wish me luck!  I have it narrowed down to two.  I think that is pretty good.

The Ultimate Gift Guide for Your Husband

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The Ultimate Gift Guide for Your Husband

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Lisa May said...

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