Dec 15, 2016

Poinsettia Wreath: The Christmas Version of the Sunflower Wreath

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I need to start off this post stating that I personally do not have the Sunflower Wreath.  I laugh when I say that because I have made that wreath dozens of times for different people.  I was inspired to make that wreath in the beginning by someone else. 
It isn't because I don't like it it is just because I haven't taken the time to make ME one.  The Sunflower Wreath is by far the most viewed post on my blog.  Nothing else comes close to it.  It is pinned so many times a day.  Still!  And it's December.  

This got me thinking.  Obviously people like the look of it or else they wouldn't pin it or view the page of the post.  So if someone wants to make it then why don't I make a Christmas version of it?  I haven't made a Christmas wreath for myself in years.  I have the one you can see from my Christmas blog tour, but nothing newer than that.  

I am obsessed with wreaths (wreaths and garlands are my weaknesses).  I can't have too many.  It is a problem and I probably should see someone for that.  Anyways, I decided I was going to make the "Sunflower Wreath" just in a Christmas disguise.  

In comes the Poinsettia wreath.  I LOVE it and am so happy that I finally have this wreath that is mine.  I love the color of red with the dark green leaves.  It is a statement wreath for sure and I can't wait to hang it up for many years to come. 

If you want to make one for yourself you can by following the step by step tutorial below.  I have detailed pictures for EACH STEP on the Sunflower wreath post.  I decided not to post all the pictures here because I didn't want to repeat myself too much.  However, I did take some new pictures to help show different angles than the original Sunflower wreath post.  I also have the option on the Sunflower Wreath post to have printable instructions.  That way if you like printing them more than looking online then your have that as an option.  To get the printables just head to the Sunflower Wreath post.
Christmas decor, Christmas decoration, Christmas craft, Christmas wreath

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