Jan 3, 2017

Have a Command Center You Can Be Proud Of

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Chore Charts!  Reading lists! Meal Planning!  Schedules for the whole family!  "To do" lists!  Papers all over the house!  All of these things are out of control.  Talk about information overload and this doesn't even include getting buried by papers left and right.

Not to mention there are the things I try to teach my kids so they can be good people in the world.  You know like rules, values, and ways to help keep whining in check.  Plus you want to be surrounded by positive words and quotes and maybe even have a family mantra or cheer or song.  

Sounds too good to actually happen right?  Please tell me that I am not the only one rolling my eyes saying, "Yes!  Sounds fantastic!  IN A PERFECT WORLD!"  Oh I get it.  

Now lets just think about it for a minute.  It is the beginning of the year.  Doesn't that mean it's time to reflect on the previous year and try to better ourselves for the new year to come?  Last year I wanted to be more organized.  I tried.  At times I succeeded and at times I did not.  I will say one reason for the failed times was because I didn't communicate it with my family.  I would put something on my personal calendar or maybe my personal to do list and then no one else would know about it.  I started holding family meetings every Sunday and that helped, but it still wasn't front and center in everyone's mind.  

This year I am going to do better.  I have already made steps to ensure this will actually happen.  As a mom, life can be challenging because, we are in charge of not just our own lives, but basically the whole family's life.  That is a big responsibility.  I had to think of a way to help my family come together and work together on goals and/or to do lists.  Maybe even on certain values.  The only way we will succeed is to help each other as a family unit.  That is what I want to accomplish this year. 

Does this sound lame to you or does it sound like something you could get on board with?  If you want to stick around I would love to show you how I plan on doing this.  I just started this in December.  So I am still ironing out the kinks, but so far this is working beautifully.

A space space is all you need for a family command center if you want to be more organized.

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Melissa Jenkins said...

This was a great post! So much useful info- thanks Shambray!

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