Feb 24, 2017

Movies that Teach Kids About Courage: 8 Different Titles

Movies that Teach Kids About Courage: 8 Different Titles
This month we are focusing on the value courage.  I don't know about other moms out there, but this is one of those values that I feel I can teach and we can role play until we are blue in the face, but then when put into a real life situation all those lessons vanish into thin air!  Any one else with me? 

Movies are a great way to SHOW kids exactly how to have courage during scary or difficult times. It was my mission to find movies that teach kids about courage.  I wanted it to be so obvious that it wasn't questioned.  Now let me tell you a story about why I really NEEDED to try something more visual.  

Story:  We have been talking about courage, role playing, reading books, and everything in between and Hannelore seems to get it.  Then we go outside for Hannelore/Mommy time.  She has been talking about the day it is warm enough to go outside and ride her bike.  We were going to play cars with the bikes and have so much fun. 

Then a fly (YES A FLY) flew into our play area and it was game over.  I am telling you she immediately threw down her bike and ran as fast as she could and said she was done.  We needed to go inside.  I tried to rationalize with her, but nothing helped.  Then I listened.  I empathized and we went inside.  

That is when I decided we needed to watch some movies.  I have rounded up my favorite three movies that teach kids about courage.  I have also listed five extra ones that teach it, but didn't make our top three.  You know your kids personalities better than I do so try and pick ones that you think will keep their attention the longest.  

Movies that Teach Kids About Courage: 8 Different Titles
This post contains affiliate links, which means I get a very small percentage of the sales if you click on the links below and make a purchase.  However, this does not change my opinion about these movies.  I truly loved all these movies for teaching children about courage.

Disney Planes
My daughter is the biggest girly girl you could come by, but for some awesome reason she loves this movie.  So we went with it.  I love how this movie shows that although Dusty is super scared of heights he never gives up.  He does amazing things even when it is scary.  It also teaches that a courageous person always does the right thing even if they are scared. 

Disney Brave
This one obviously teaches about courage because of its name.  The reason why this one made my top three is because the hero in this movie is Merida.  I need to point out that she is a girl.  That is the reason why I picked it.  My daughter always says that she can't do brave things because she isn't a boy.  She needs her dad, grandpa, or cousins to do them.  This shows that girls can be heroes.  It also shows a different kind of courage and that is when Merida talks to all the clans about breaking tradition.  It took great courage to do it, but she did and she was respected for it. 

Disney Cinderella
Cinderella in the original Disney film shows great courage as well.  So if that works better for you then do that one.  I picked this one because I loved it too.  The other reason why I picked the new one is because of the famous quote in it, "Have courage and be kind."  That is exactly what I am trying to teach my family this month so it works perfectly.  

Other Movies That Teach Kids About Courage

Disney Finding Nemo

Disney Mulan

Disney Aladdin

Disney The Lion King

The Good Dinosaur

Do you have any other movies you would add to the list?  I love watching movies together as a family and talking about the great things we learned from them.  It makes TV watching seem not so terrible to me. 

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