May 11, 2017

Tips to Drink More Water PLUS: Busy Mom Workout Plan

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Tips to Drink More Water PLUS: Busy Mom Workout Plan
Do you want to know a secret?  It's something I have been working on for a long time and I don't love it about myself.  It has two parts.

First, exercise is not something that comes very easily to me.  I always overwhelmed with my "to do" list that I usually let exercise slip away.  In the past I wouldn't make it a priority.  Second, drinking enough water a day is SO HARD FOR ME.  I am not a huge drinker of anything really.  Not milk, not soda, not juice, and unfortunately not water. 

I want to share with you some tips to drink more water AND I want to share with you a busy mom workout plan. This workout plan is something I turn to when I'm feeling overwhelmed and don't have a lot of time on my hands.  Unfortunately, this feels like all the time.  Before I go to the tips and workout I want to explain myself a bit. 

I actually love exercising.  I love the energy I get when I make it a priority and I love how I feel on the days that I exercise.  However, I HAVE to schedule it in or else it will not happen.  I have found that doing it in the morning after I meditate, read my affirmations, and look at my vision board is the best time for me.  

I do it before my girls are awake and then I will not be disturbed.  I started doing this about 2 months ago and I love it.  Before then I did it in the late morning or early afternoon and it would get skipped way to often.  I make it a priority now.  

Now to the water problem.  I know that it is important to drink water.  I know I feel better when I drink enough AND I get a lot less migraines when I drink my water each day.  At the same time that I started changing my workout time I also changed my priorities when it came to drinking water.   

Here are some simple and easy tips for getting enough water in each day:
  1. I love this tip because it really has helped me increase my water intake drastically.  I put a bottle of water by my nightstand at night.  Then the first thing in the morning I drink at least 8 fluid ounces.  I also brush my teeth right after waking up and then I like to drink a little after that.  I have found that drinking water and brushing my teeth in the morning really helps wake me up and it hydrates me first thing. I have been doing this for a couple of months and I love how it gets me started first thing on my water intake. 
    Tips to Drink More Water PLUS: Busy Mom Workout Plan
  2. Another tip that I heard on a TV program awhile ago is to always have a bottle of water with you in the car.  If it is there you are more likely to drink it.  I have got a lot of water intake done while driving in the car. 
    Tips to Drink More Water PLUS: Busy Mom Workout Plan
  3. This one seems to come naturally to me and I think it might to many of you, but always remember to have a bottle of water while you are exercising.  It is really important to stay hydrated while your body is doing a lot of work.  
    Tips to Drink More Water PLUS: Busy Mom Workout Plan
  4. I also have started a rule for myself that I can't drink anything other than water for lunch or dinner unless I have had my water allotment for the day.  It really helps motivate me to get in my water before dinner so I can maybe have juice or a soda.  Sometimes I only want water though.  
    Tips to Drink More Water PLUS: Busy Mom Workout Plan
  5. Lastly, I like to put all my bottles of water in the fridge, because to me there is nothing better than cold water.  This is more of a personal opinion because I know many people that would rather have it room temperature.  So my advice here is to make sure it is the temperature you like, because if it isn't then it makes it that much harder to drink. 
    Tips to Drink More Water PLUS: Busy Mom Workout Plan
I like to get smartwater® from Target.  I love how pure and crisp smartwater is.  I also love how I can feel the hydration when I drink it.  smartwater is a great way to stay hydrated and get your daily amount of water in.  You can find it in a special Spring display or in the aisle that has bottled water in it.  I love using water bottles because it makes my life a little more simple and easy.  With how busy I am I need convenience. 

Tips to Drink More Water PLUS: Busy Mom Workout Plan

Now I want to share with you a quick workout routine.  This routine is perfect for any women that is busy.  It can be lengthened and shortened depending on the time frame you have each day.  It is important to get exercise in everyday.  The time might vary, but some exercise is always necessary. 

Tips to Drink More Water PLUS: Busy Mom Workout Plan

Busy Women Workout

It is always good to start with the first 3 exercises.  Let's get started.  

Step #1: Hold a plank for as long as you can.  This will show you the time frame that you need to do daily.  Once you do that then you know that from this day forward you need to hold a plank for AS LONG as that time frame.  (Ideally you will be adding time each week or so.)

Tips to Drink More Water PLUS: Busy Mom Workout Plan

Step #2: Hold a fire hydrant pose on each leg for 2 minutes.  This one took me awhile to work up to 2 minutes on each leg.  By awhile I mean a month of doing this daily.  It is not easy!  Note: Make sure your back is flat and your leg is bent at a 90 degree angle.  Also, make sure your leg is parallel to the floor.  If it starts dropping then stop the timer.  DO NOT GO TO STEP 3 UNTIL YOU CAN HOLD THIS FOR 2 MINUTES ON EACH SIDE.

Tips to Drink More Water PLUS: Busy Mom Workout Plan

Step #3: Wall Sit for 2 minutes.  This is another one that you will have to build up to.  Note: When you do the wall sits you want to do some with your feet straight forward, some with your feet turned out like a ballerina, and some with your toes pointed in (kind of pigeon toed.)  I do straight one day, out the next day, and in the next day after that.  Then I start over again.  

Tips to Drink More Water PLUS: Busy Mom Workout Plan

Step #4: At the same time that you start the wall sits you will want to start a walking program (if you are not a runner.  If you are a runner then start a running program following the same guidelines that I will list).  You will want to walk (or run) at a pace that you are quite comfortable at.  You want it to be slight heavy breathing, but not so much that you are actually out of breath.  You will do this for 30 minutes a day.  Note: I get that some days are more crazy then others.  So on those crazy days always remember to do steps 1-3 and then for step 4 decide how long you can do.  

If you do this at least 5 times a week then you will notice a difference in your energy level.  You will be less tired and you will feel better all around.  If you can't do 30 minutes a day of walking (or running) then do what you can, but try to get in 30 minutes a day as often as you can.  

I really hope all these tips and the workout can help you feeling fantastic with an energy that make you want to conquer anything you set your heart to.  I know these things have transformed me.  Be sure to pick up some smartwater from Target and start seeing your energy rise.

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Unknown said...

Great tips!! It's crazy how difficult simple moves like that can be. But working out and staying hydrated really can make all the difference! ~ Client

Eliza said...

You have to get your body out to run every now and then. Finding the right compound exercises workout plans is just as important as finding the right foods to eat.

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