Jun 2, 2017

The Secrets of a Successful Family Summer Vacation

The Secrets of a Successful Family Summer Vacation
It's Summer break for the kids so that means SUMMER VACATION!  When I think about Summer vacation I think about a million questions that come to my mind.  Where should we go?  How long do we want the vacation to be?  When should we go?  How many activities should I plan?  Do we have the funds for a full blown trip or should we do a staycation? 

There are so many options when it comes to vacationing.  Which is fantastic, but it can be very daunting.  I tend to get anxious when I think about all the options.  I like 3 or less options and then I feel like I can research from there.  Call me crazy, but that is what I like. 

So guess what?!  I did just that for you!  I came up with 3 different types of vacations that can work for families.  With each of the types of vacations I have disadvantages to that type of vacation and tips on how to make it successful.  

The Secrets of a Successful Family Summer Vacation
Weekend Getaway
Greatest disadvantage: You try to accomplish way too much when you don't have a lot of time. 

Tips on how to make it a success: 
  1. Don't go too far away.  I read in a magazine once about this tip.  I liked how it was put, "If you have to eat two fast food meals to get there then it's too far." 
  2. Leave Friday night after dinner.  Let the kids fall asleep in the car.  If you leave in the afternoon you will just be spending that "extra" time in traffic. 
  3. Choose only ONE activity per day.  If you do more than that then it won't be a nice vacation.  It will just be a stressful event. 

The Secrets of a Successful Family Summer Vacation
Cultural Trip
Greatest disadvantage: Trying to make your kids love "weird" foods or planning too "grown up" of activities.  Also, we can't forget about jet lag.

Tips on how to make it a success:
  1. When it comes to your hotel choice make sure to work around your kids.  Make sure there is room for them to unwind and room for you and your husband to bond after they go to sleep.  Also, make sure to request an early check in so you don't have jet lag and then don't have a place to relax after your flight. 
  2. If your vacation is a week or less then stay in one location.  Adding more locations is just exhausting. 
  3. Each day you are on vacation let a different family member pick the events and destinations for that day. 
  4. Make sure that each person has a camera.  It is fun to have memories that come from the point of view of each of the family's members. 
  5. At museums go to the gift shop first and find things that you want to find in the museum from the gift shop.  It makes the activity much more "hands on". 

The Secrets of a Successful Family Summer Vacation
Greatest disadvantage: Sticking with your normal routine and not really having a "vacation".

Tips on how to make it a success:
  1. Actually stay in a hotel for at least one of the nights. 
  2. Still buy souvenirs from your "vacation". 
Check out these family Summer vacation tips on 3 different types of vacations.

If you are like me then I hope this list took part of the questioning out and helped you think of things that you might not have already thought of.  I hope you can now research based off of this simplified list and have a wonderfully happy vacation with your family! 

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