May 31, 2017

Movies That Teach Kids About Self-Discipline & Moderation

Movies That Teach Kids About Self-Discipline & Moderation
Finding books that teach my kids about self-discipline and moderation was hard, but seriously finding movies that teach kids about self-discipline and moderation was VERY hard.  These are some values that I am learning are not really taught to kids.  It is sad, but true.  That might be part of the reason the world is in the state it is in.  

I ended up showing my girls two different movies and they are movies that have been used in previous months this year, but they work and we were able to elaborate on each of them after we watched them.  That is the best way to watch movies when trying to teach your kids.  Discussions can help them see what the movie is really about.

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Movies That Teach Kids About Self-Discipline & Moderation

Mulan is such a strong Disney character.  I love all the amazing female characters that Disney come up with, but Mulan is exceptional.  This movie is mentioned in my post about courage.  She did have immense courage, but her self-discipline can not be beat in this movie.  She had to have self-discipline to do ALL of the things she did in this movie.  

Movies That Teach Kids About Self-Discipline & Moderation

Pinocchio showed up in my post about honesty.  Really when I think about honesty Pinocchio is one of the many characters that I think of.  However, this movie shows self-discipline AND moderation.  The scene of Pleasure Island shows what happens when there is a lack of self-discipline and moderation.  Although it sounds fantastic to be able to do whatever you want as a kid, many of the boys quickly learn that your choices come with consequences.

Please share any other movies that you know of that would fit this month's values.  I need to add more to my list.

Movies That Teach Kids About Self-Discipline & Moderation

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Once again, my basis for choosing values each month comes from the book, Teaching Your Children Values.  (This link is an affiliate link which means that if you purchase something after clicking on this link I will be paid a very small commission.  However, my love for this book started way before this post was written.) 

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