Oct 28, 2017

Quotes About Sensitivity and Love (and Add Unselfishness Too)

Quotes About Sensitivity and Love (and Add Unselfishness Too)
I kind of like this quote about sensitivity and love.  The one about unselfishness and love is just as beautiful in my book.  I actually had a hard time deciding which two to pick this month so I had a friend help me.

Quotes About Sensitivity and Love (and Add Unselfishness Too)
I am a very sensitive person.  VERY.  My husband says it is a gift the way I can feel for people.  When they hurt it is almost like my heart is breaking with them.  I can see it being a gift, but at times it is almost unbearable.  With all the ugly things happening in the world I have a hard time sleeping.  My heart is breaking for the victims of the earthquakes, fires, hurricanes, shootings, terrorist attacks, and the list goes on and on.  When I see the pain on their faces I lose my breath because I feel so terrible for them.  However, I find so much in the world to love at the same time.  Like my husband said that is where the gift part comes in.  I can always find a reason to love someone or something.  My dreams are so grand and I have so many.  So this quote spoke to me personally, because these things in my life.

Quotes About Sensitivity and Love (and Add Unselfishness Too)
Now isn't this quote the truth.  I love seeing unselfish acts of love.  I especially love seeing it in my family.  When my girls do something for each other just because they love each other it makes my heart melt.  Real true love starts in the home.  I hope to be able to share this quote with my family often this month and show them how it really is true.

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