Oct 24, 2017

Kid Movies that Teach Life Lessons - Unselfishness & Sensitivity

Kid Movies that Teach Life Lessons - Unselfishness & Sensitivity
If you are a parent then you understand that finding a movie that your kids like and that isn't a complete waste can be hard.  I love watching kid movies that teach life lessons with my girls.  This month I wanted to focus on unselfishness and sensitivity since those are the values we are focusing on in the month of October.

However, I had a hard time finding some movies that fit those values.  Sad...I know.  I found some, but they aren't entirely attention grabbing movies for little kids.  There is one that is great for kids and the other two might be better for older kids.  Each of them are fantastic movies though.

Kid Movies that Teach Life Lessons - Unselfishness & Sensitivity

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Kid Movies that Teach Life Lessons - Unselfishness & Sensitivity

This one is the great one of younger kids.  We all know the story of Dumbo.  Poor Dumbo was laughed at and made fun of so often.  This is a great way to talk about Dumbo's feelings and how the animals weren't being sensitive to him.

Kid Movies that Teach Life Lessons - Unselfishness & Sensitivity
I had not heard of this movie until one of my friends suggested I watch it when I told her about my quest of finding a good movie that fit these two values.  It is such a great movie about sensitivity.  This movie shows how wonderful this world would be if we could all just be a little more sensitive to each other.

Kid Movies that Teach Life Lessons - Unselfishness & Sensitivity

I remember watching this movie in high school.  It was so powerful to me back then.  I wanted to do something like this when I was in school.  Now a days I always look for ways to "pay it forward" to others around me.  I love when I hear stories about people paying it forward.  Once again if we were all a little less selfish we would have a much happier world to live in!

Are there any others you would add to the list?

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