Feb 12, 2018

Women's Leggings Outfits (Minimalist Wardrobe List: A 36 Piece Wardrobe)

Women's Leggings Outfits (Minimalist Wardrobe List: A 36 Piece Wardrobe)
Women's leggings outfits are pretty controversial.  Some people think they are VERY appropriate while others think they are VERY inappropriate.  There are people that fall in the middle, but people tend to be passionate about each side.  Although I tend to be in the middle I can feel quite awkward because I don't know what others think around me. 

I try not to care, but I also don't want others to feel uncomfortable.  So enough about that.  I still think they are a must in every wardrobe.  They can be pretty versatile if you have the right shirts in your closet.  

Ways to wear leggings
Women's Leggings Outfits (Minimalist Wardrobe List: A 36 Piece Wardrobe)
My number one rule is that the shirt needs to be longer.  I don't have a TON of long shirts so I reserve my leggings for select shirts.  I wear my leggings with boots, booties, and my flats.  So the shoes I wear are pretty versatile.  They might even go well with sneakers, but my leggings and sneakers completely clash.  So for me they don't work together. 

Places to purchase women's ankle booties
Some of these links contain affiliate links which means if you purchase after clicking on the link I will receive a very small commission.  I wholeheartedly recommend these stores and commission would never sway me to recommend something I could not stand behind.

Cents of Style
Women's Leggings Outfits (Minimalist Wardrobe List: A 36 Piece Wardrobe)
I think these leggings are pretty awesome.  The other awesome thing about Cents of Style is you get FREE SHIPPING!  

Women's Leggings Outfits (Minimalist Wardrobe List: A 36 Piece Wardrobe)
You can get leggings almost anywhere.  I even got some at Walmart at one point.  The last two pairs I have purchased have been from the two below places below.

Women's Leggings Outfits (Minimalist Wardrobe List: A 36 Piece Wardrobe)
If you are looking for a good deal then this is a great place to start and search for "leggings" in the search bar to see if anything comes up.  Also, there are a ton of outfit ideas when you search this way! 

Women's Leggings Outfits (Minimalist Wardrobe List: A 36 Piece Wardrobe)
I check out Jane and Groopdealz at the same time.  I love both of them!

Posts about the Minimalist Wardrobe List: A 36 Piece Wardrobe: 

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