Dec 9, 2019

Gift Ideas for Kids (Girls ages 7 and 4)

Sometimes you can have lot of ideas on what to get kids that are a certain age and other times there is a huge mind blank.  I have decided to compile a list of gift ideas for kids, more specifically girls that are aged 4 and 7.  That way when you hit a blank then you can use this as inspiration OR if you have no idea where to find something then hopefully I can help with that as well.  

So lets dive in.  There will be some inexpensive and then more expensive things as well.  These are actual things that my girls have asked for and if not then I know they will love them so I got them things that will entertain them for longer than 5 seconds.

First off, I promised my followers on Instagram that I would share the Santa bags that I got.  I only wrap 4 presents from Santa.  The rest go in stockings or in their Santa bags.  It is kind of fun.  I love the quality of these bags! 

Some of these links contain affiliate links which means if you purchase after clicking on the link I will receive a very small commission.  I wholeheartedly recommend these items and commission would never sway me to recommend something I could not stand behind.

She also asked for a ton of different accessories and stuff for her doll.  This bunk bed is one of the things she is getting.  I linked to the whole Our Generation section.  This is great for any 18 inch doll. 

My daughter loves all of Shannon Hale's books and she has been wanting Best Friends since it came out.  Graphic novels are so fun for avid readers as well as kids who don't like to read. 

This book is such a great book if you have girls.  It has good lessons to teach girls. 

My daughter NEEDS a jewelry box, because she has jewelry ALL OVER THE PLACE.  I got this one based on the amazing reviews and also the fact it came with some jewelry so it will be even more fun!

I got one of these and a big unicorn family pack.  

I always like to get my girls at least one educational gift.  My 7-year old has wanted this one for a few years, so she will be happy to finally get it. 

I also give my girls a "creative" gift and this is a perfect one for my 7 year old.  She has a purse and a lap desk already and enjoyed them a ton.  This will also be functional. 

This isn't the exact planner I got her because the one I got her was at her school book fair, but it was similar and for some reason a lot of girls her age LOVE planners.  

Now onto my little 4 year old.  She has been pretty adamant about getting one thing, but I have shared some other ideas. 

My 4 year old doesn't want ANYTHING else, but this Jeep.  She will even use her own money to help Santa make this present for her (she said that).  We usually don't spend this much on Christmas gifts, but I got a REALLY good deal on it (actually 3 weeks before Black Friday...the Black Friday deal was not even close to as good of a deal) and she will be the happiest little girl.  

She wants to be just like her sister and her sister has one of these only a unicorn design.  She has been asking for one for awhile.  Perfect time to get it to her for Christmas.

My 4 year old has a hard time making decisions.  I hope this book will give her confidence. Think choose your own adventure book, but all about good choices.  

Once again her older sister has something like this so she wants to be like her.  She has been begging to use her sister's FOIL!  I love giving things like this to keep them occupied for hours.

She LOVES this book.  So much.  She loves me to read to her even more.  So I got the CD as well, just in case I can't read it to her 800 times one day...only a slight exaggeration. 

Every time we go to the store she wants one of these.  So she will be happy to try one.  I like how you get to do something with it before you get to play with it.  Makes it more fun. 

I got this as something useful.  She is a VERY active 4 year old and constantly wants to be running and jumping.  So hopefully this will help her not go crazy while she can't jump on the tramp

Once again giving them something creative usually lasts longer.  So I always go for something like this.  She hasn't ever asked for one of these, but it looks right up her alley. 

This is the educational toy I got her this year.  I love how at first she can learn some of the shapes she doesn't know yet, then grow into the time portion.  

Every year Santa brings two family presents and they are always a puzzle and a game.  It is fun to have something they can do together.  

We usually do a traditional puzzle, but my girls both love this from the library.  So I thought this would be a fun twist to a puzzle.

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