A 2 year old's dream Bubble Guppies party

One month before:
            -Continue shopping the sales and purchasing items
-Choose an invitation.  I ended up utilizing my wonderful brother who is so talented, but there are lots of resources.  You can make your own, buy them at the store, or buy them on an online store, like Etsy, etc.

-Start making party d├ęcor if you are going to make anything and start assembling it. 
-If you are going to order any desserts (like the cake) then do that now as well.  I actually ordered my daughter’s a little before the month mark and just called at the month mark to see if we were good to go.  I was kind of bummed with my cake.  The "2" completely fell apart by the time of the party.  So I was a little upset.  I also made cupcakes and put cupcake toppers on them that I printed at NickJr.  

Cake in the fridge before the 2 fell apart

Cake without the 2.  I was a little less than thrilled.

3 weeks before:
-Mail the invitations or deliver them if you can (save on postage).  I have found that this is a good time frame to get the invitations to your guests.  Not too far in advance that they forget, but far enough so they can plan accordingly.
-Party favors-if you are making any them start assembling them, if you are putting them in packages then start putting the packages together.  I just gave everyone rock candy.  So mine were really easy. 

-Continue to work on the party decor.  It is nice to have as much of it done as soon as possible.
-Finish up buying all the items that are not food.

2 weeks before:
            -Continue on decor

One week before:
-Get in touch with any guests that have not RSVP’d so you can know how much seating and food you will need
-Make sure you have enough seating for everyone.  Borrow from family or friends if you need to
-Put together a shopping list for all the grocery items you will need
-Set up a “trial party” – See pic below.  A lot of the dishes you see are the ones actually used, but some of the items were the same size of the item that I was going to put there.  For excample where I have the maroon baker is going to be a watermellon at the real party.  It is close to the same size so I put it there.  This honestly helps me so much.  My husband laughs at me every time, but it saves my life.
*Sorry for the terrible pic, but hopefully you get the idea.

-Put together a music playlist!  Every party needs music.  Try and stick with your theme.
                -I downloaded a bunch of songs off of YouTube of Bubble Guppies songs from different                    episodes and put them on a playlist.  Hannelore LOVED them.  She danced for about an                  hour. 
-If the party favors need names on them then do that right now.  I did not do that for her party this year because I wanted everyone to pick which flavor of rock candy they wanted.

See previous timeline steps          See the completed timeline

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