Princess Birthday Party-Games

Princess Birthday Party-Games, Frozen

"Pin the Nose on Olaf" went so well last year I decided to do it again.  I thought it was a game that younger kids would have fun, but could still be challenging for older kids too.  I still had the Olaf stand up guys from last year's party.  So I re-cut out some noses and attached Olaf to the back of the door and we were good.  

Princess Birthday Party-Games, frying pan, Tangled

I knew I wanted to do a pinata.  I also wanted to attempt to make one, but didn't want anything too crazy.  I had seen Flynn Rider's face on a pinata circulating Pinterest.  So I thought I could do that.  I found a tutorial on how to make a pinata using a cereal box and it was SO SIMPLE!  Then I found a printable of Flynn Rider's face and glued it on the box.  Oh and the best part was that they hit it with a frying pan, of course! 

I sort of wish I would have had the girls play the Cinderella one but I didn't want to push it and they LOVED having time to play with the gifts after they were opened.  So it worked out. I think they were all a success.  They each liked the games for various reasons.  The games worked out for the age range too.  I think for the younger girls 3 games were plenty.  The older girls could have done more.  So now I at least have an idea for next year.  Overall I think it was a success in the game department!

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