Road Trip with a Toddler

Jonah book (Dollar Tree), sticker sheet (from same book as above), My Little Ponys (similar), and Better Cheddars for the snack

Letter magnets with matching letter cards (similar), Book (already had), tractors (similar), puzzles (Dollar Tree), and a fruit snack for the snack

Snowy Bear book (already had), sticker sheet (from same book as above), Travel Doodle Pro (similar), and Cheerios for the snack.

Disney matching game, Joseph book (Dollar Tree), Cinderella movie, and Lucky Charms as the snack.

Purse full of "credit cards", money, keys, and a phone (already had), toy bus (similar), The Very Busy Spider, Mickey Play Pack, and Goldfish for the snack. **We never got to this one because of the naps she took**

Figurines (I got most of these from Dollar Tree months ago), The Very Hungry Caterpillarbook, Dora the Explorer card games (Dollar Tree), and marshmallows for a snack.  **We never got to this one because of the naps she took**

BubbleGuppies movie, Fisher Price digital camera (Amazon, she got this for her birthday too), Baby Animals (similar), Bubble Guppies maracas (Dollar Tree, she thought these were so cool), and pretzels for the snack.

This was everything else I brought and put it is a tub to carry it all.  The blue thing I got on ABC Distributing awhile ago.  It is a little tray for kids to have that attaches to the car seat.  I love it.  I also brought bubbles just in case it got too bad (she loves bubbles).  The disgusting cookie sheet was for the magnet letters.  I borrowed the portable DVD player from our awesome neighbors!  Then I brought extra movies...just in case.  I never broke out the bubbles or the additional movies.  The packets kept her busy.

I put each of the packets in a grocery bag and then put all the packets in a red tub, I also brought along Mr. Potato Head, library books (I read her a new one every hour.  She LOVES books), and also the tablet (again...just in case, but we didn't need it)

I had the library books up by me in the passenger seat in the "You Look Lovely Today" bag along with my books I wanted to read.  In the center console I put our chargers for our phones and band-aids (you never know).  Then in the glove box I always keep Kleenex.  It is so nice to have that right were you can find it along with wet wipes.  I hung a grocery sack on the back of Ryan's head rest.  That way I could reach it if I needed to while driving.  I also packed a whole box of extra treats that was in the very back of the SUV with all of our bags.  

It was a successful trip and I really think it is because I had new things to do and eat every hour.  What are some things you do to help your road trip go smoothly?

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